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9 Ways Your Bank Can Benefit from Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
January 21, 2019
May 29, 2024

With the rise of online banking, the brick-and-mortar branches have to adapt to the current digital demands. That doesn't mean that the future doesn't look bright for the physical embodiments of these financial institutions. Digital signage can be the tool that can revamp the overall experience of visiting a bank. Tech-savvy customers will be delighted to come to a branch that is implementing new technologies in its operations. Here are the 9 ways how your bank can benefit from digital signage.

1. Show real-time information

The world of finances is multifaceted and fast-paced like never before. That requires to always keep pace with the latest changes. Your clients will appreciate their bank understanding their informational needs. Use displays to broadcast the latest financial news, show the currency exchange rates and stock market developments. Using digital signage in your bank this way will surely increase the loyalty of your customers and keep them always updated.

2. Informational kiosks

Customers come to your bank to have their questions answered? Give them all the information they need with digital signage. Integrate the interactive informational kiosks in your brick-and-mortar bank. Use it to help your clients with providing them with FAQs, step-to-step explanations and promotions they can use. This will be a great way to show them that you care about their time and you're up-to-date with the recent technology trends.

3. Improving corporate communication

Modern banks are often large companies with many teams located in multiple offices. Digital signage for a bank is a game-changer when it comes to improving corporate communication. Screens are a perfect medium to inform your employees, to keep them updated on all the important things that are happening at your bank, to motivate them and highlight their achievements.

4. Saving money on paper

Is your bank spending loads of money on paper, distributing endless memos and announcements? Implementing digital signage software at your bank can drastically cut the costs. Leave it all for the screens as they are a more visually engaging way to announce important things. The leaflets are the things of the past, going digital is a sure way towards the environment-friendly future.

5. Running promotions and special offers

Install displays at your branch and you have a perfect opportunity to engage with the people that visit it. With digital signage solution for your bank, you have a powerful billboard which can be used to show your stunning content about promotion and special offers you have. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity, digital signage in a bank will do the rest providing an engaging and effective attention-grabbing experience for your client.

6. Queue management

Sometimes bank service takes time. Frequently it is one of the main reasons why people may have a negative experience at the branch. Change that with digital signage for your bank. Use displays to create a queue management system and forget about the dissatisfied customers complaining about the waiting times. Show your clients that you care about their time and give them a pleasant queueing experience.

7. Showing entertaining content

Going hand in hand with the previous benefit, entertaining clients should be at the core of a banking service. Digital signage for your bank can do that. From motivational quotes to short entertaining videos to the latest celebrity interviews and weather reports, you can create a cheerful atmosphere at your branch making your customers comfortable and relaxed. Are they coming with children? Organize a special corner where the animations run and the parents can be assured that their loved ones are not bored in the bank.

8. Raising brand awareness

Does your bank has a great company culture? Have you created an ad that just rocks? Do you have something important to say to your customers? With screens, the message will surely find its recipient. Digital signage software like Kitcast allows you to easily organize what content will be shown and select the timelines that work best for your business. Make your bank's branch your brand's temple and evangelize with the top-notch content.

9. Provide feedback

It is extremely important to listen to your customers. If you understand their problems, if you constantly thriving to improve your bank and you're open to criticism in order to be better, collecting feedback is vital. That's when digital signage can help you. Ask for feedback using screens at your branch, engage in a digital conversation with your clients and show them that you're interested to talk. This path will definitely lead your business to respect and loyalty from your customers.

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