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9 Visual Content Resources to Get Inspired by in Your Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
April 12, 2019
May 29, 2024

At Kitcast, we believe that creativity drives everything. From personal progress to business success. And most certainly, your digital signage content requires a creative approach just as much as any customer communication channel you choose. Getting your message through, building a bond and successfully promoting with content – that’s where you should sometimes opt for unconventional methods. To inspire your customers, you have to be inspired yourself. We’re prepared a list of visual content resources to help you come up with fresh and appealing ideas for your digital signage content.


This professional social platform for artists, designers and content creators of all sorts is one of the best sources to boost your visual creativity. Browse through the shareable portfolios for the inspiration and fresh digital signage ideas before you get down to your content.


As the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design, AIGA has more than  70 chapters and more than 25,000 members. Rather than rely on portfolios, AIGA offers magazines, articles and tips that will both inspire you to create digital signage that catches the eye and simultaneously educate you with the latest design trends.

Cannes Lions

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity dates back to 1954. With its 65 y.o. History, this Festival is a unique medium for bringing the creative communications industry together every year. The most catchy and interesting TV ads, shorts and visuals – Cannes Lions archive is your door to the marketing industry’s finest. A fine combination of digital signage content software and inspiration from the World’s best commercials – that’s the exact recipe for boosting your marketing.


Colossal is righteously named “Tate Modern of the Internet”. It is an international platform for contemporary art and visual expression that explores a vast range of creative disciplines. With an archive of over 6,000 articles written by seven contributors, Colossal is designed to serve as an online gallery of visually spectacular artwork, while seeking to educate and inform rather than criticize or interpret. And this is what makes Colossal an ideal place to start your quest for visual content and digital signage ideas: art, design, photography, illustration.

The Inspiration

If you’re looking for digital signage ideas that are both engaging and viral – you should definitely give The Inspiration a spin. And yes, we know that it sounds like a cheap trick to search for inspiration on the eponymous resource. But this blog covers an enormous amount of content topics to get hooked on. Advertising, goodvertising, architecture, art, graphics, design, movies, music, photography, fashion – anything to level up your marketing game and give you food for thought.

Digital Signage Today

Inspiration may come from constant gazing at the finest works of true professionals, but implementing your digital signage ideas coherently might require some additional research. Digital Signage Today is one of the most compelling resources for industry news and analysis, additionally, it offers a large number of practical ideas and exampoles when it comes to content creation. Follow the ‘content’ category for digital signage content creation tips that will up your marketing game.


“Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald. Don’t we all need a word of wisdom once in a while? No matter, if it comes from a writer, politician or movie star. If these ideas struck a chord, then we’re up for them. Brainyquote is a universe of thoughts to get inspired by and even inspire your customers if you choose to.

Lost Type

Just as much important it is to choose your graphics in digital signage content creation, it’s important to keep your text clear and comprehensible. Lost Type website is the first of its kind, a Pay-What-You-Want type foundry. Lost Type fonts have been used across the world, and recently have been featured in projects for Nike, Starbucks, Disney and the President of the United States. Typically, the bazillion of fonts you can find in our Kitcast app is enough for any type of digital signage content. However, if you are really after something special – Lost Type will allow you to create an individual piece of characterful design.


While Cannes Lions praise marketing visuals and advertising creativity, awwwards go for website design. And before you ask “but how does a website design correlate with my store screens?”, take a look at the Apple website, and notice how appealing and logical it is in terms of information and visuals. Awwwards may not be your first choice for digital signage content inspiration, but it can sure give you a tip or two on how to adjust your screen content to engage your customers more.

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