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7 Unusual Digital Signage Solutions to Consider for Your Hotel

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
December 20, 2018
May 29, 2024

An ideal hotel should feel like home out of home. That's why the comfort of the customer matters the most. The accommodations around the world compete in providing the best experience possible for their guests. Digital signage can play an essential part in this process. It has enough power to enhance the positive experience for the visitors, increase sales and facilitate the wayfinding. The screens can be a perfect medium to share valuable content, educate and entertain the clients. Here are 7 unusual digital signage for your hotel.

1. Lobby digital signage

The lobby is the first thing the client sees upon entering your hotel. As with the first impression in the interpersonal relations, the initial treatment the guest receives at the lobby would likely orchestrate the feelings he or she will have about the hotel. That's why it is important to be strategic about how your lobby space is designed. Digital signage gives you that wow effect that keeps your clients awe-inspired. Either a single or multiple screens, digital signage can revamp the look of your hotel lobby and make it more visually appealing.

2. Self-service check-in kiosks

It is common for the travelers to check in late, and it is sometimes hotels don’t have a 24/7 reception. The rise of technology gives businesses access to the tools that were previously seen only in sci-fi movies. One of such things is the self-service check-in kiosk. Easy to use and futuristic in its application, it can provide a revamped experience for your guests and save you time and money spent on handling check-ins.

3. Wayfinding

Being a conference venue is one of the inevitable parts of the hotel ecosystem nowadays. There are conferences for a dozen participants and then there are the events gathering thousands of attendees. Wayfinding matters for the flawless and hassle-free organization that defines both the success of the event and the reputation of the venue. Digital signage software is a great tool to provide just that. Install screens and forget about the times when lots of lost people roam around desperately trying to find the conference hall in your hotel.

4.Room digital signage

Who said that digital signage is only suitable for the public areas? Rooms also can be a great addition to your digital signage network. Curate what your client will see there and give him the power to choose content according to their needs and interests. Use the screens to broadcast the promotional messages about the additional services available at your accommodation such as well as entertain your customers showing content they would love.

5. Digital signage at the fitness facilities

Do people love spending their time in the gym while they are staying at your hotel? That's a perfect opportunity for you to unleash the capabilities of digital signage. Mount the displays in the fitness areas and educate your clients on the sports-related issues, keep them up-to-date with all the important information that can benefit their health, grab their attention by showing the content they will love and keep them coming back for more. Digital signage is there to help you create a loyal clientele.

6.Conference room

Conferences differ. Some are dull and uninteresting, some exceed the expectations. While you can't be sure in the insider work of conference organizers, your hotel can create a perfect conference space using the digital technology. Use screens to help the conferences spark with visual content, to provide the seamless digital experience for all the attendants and to create a tech-friendly environment where the innovation and forward-thinking strives. If your venue is known for the aforementioned, be sure that the conference room will be always booked.

7. Amenities

Customers love when the businesses care about them. While care may be a difficult concept to define, digital signage can be your strong argument in a fight for the loyalty of the clients. One of the applications would be showing customers that you're interested in helping them with even small things like not missing their flight or train. Amenities are there to help you. Use screens to show customers real-time information like flight times, current exchange rate, latest road accidents, traffic jams. Let them know that you actually care about their life after they leave your accommodation.

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