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7 Times Digital Signage Became a Work of Visual Art

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 16, 2018
May 29, 2024

The innovation of the display industry gave companies almost endless possibilities in creatively using the screens to convey their message. Apart from being an amazing tool for raising brand awareness and boosting sales, a digital signage done right can be a true visual delight.Here are 7 examples of digital signage that became a work of visual art!

1. iSpot TV Times Square digital ad

Spot TV is an ad measurement company that has recently taught industry how it's done by delivering one of the most visually rich DOOH campaigns of the year. Also, they did it on Times Square which is the most desired advertising space in the world. With a powerful slogan "Bold brands break old habits" there is a ball that falls through three big vertical screens. The result is an impressive and disruptive attention-grabbing ad.

2. Lily virtual fitting room at Shanghai airport

Amazingly meets digital signage in this brilliant campaign by JC Decaux for Lily at Shanghai airport. We absolutely love the futuristic concept of it. The screen takes a picture of a person and then AR offers a number of fashion choices that can be interactively changed. Complex and engaging, such solutions seem to be the future of digital advertising.

3. Twitter ad at Piccadilly Circus

Catching people's attention gets harder for brands in the modern digital jungle of content. Nevertheless, Twitter drew all eyeballs to its ad this October when "Know what is happening" campaign by Ocean Outdoor UK was unveiled. With an atypical display design, right placement and bright colors, this digital signage masterpiece is definitely one of the most striking ads of this year.

4. Star Wars Join Forces campaign

In order to better entertain viewers digital signage should be interactive. This LEGO Star Wars campaign nailed this concept by immersing people into the game by using the responsive display. This allowed the players to actually participate in the game and resulted in an amazing use of DOOH as well as fantastic promotion for the Star Wars brand.

5. Contactless Payment Donation Campaign for Melanoma Institute

Digital signage can be a powerful tool to draw attention to a serious cause. This was the case for this fascinating campaign orchestrated by JC Decaux Australia for Melanoma Institute Australia. The interactive billboard with a visualization of melanoma encouraged the passers-by to make a small donation via PayPass Tap And Go. Once the donation was made the animated melanoma decreased in size. Genius digital advertising for a good deed.

6. Unbelievable Bus Shelter by Pepsi

Possibly one of the most inventive digital signage campaigns ever created, Pepsi's bus shelter is already a classic of advertising. Here the augmented reality is used to a full force by showing a set of unbelievable experiences to the shocked onlookers. Seamlessly done, people were amused to witness the various fantasy scenarios like balloon landing, alien attack or a meteorite strike through the what seemed to be an ordinary bus stop.

7. #lookup by British Airways

This award-winning digital signage campaign from British Airways is a true work of modern visual art. The campaign featured a billboard that showed a video of children reacting to the planes passing above their heads in real time. This spectacle was followed by showing the flight's city of origin. Touching, innovative and original, this British Airways ad won the most prestigious award in the world of advertising Cannes Lion in 2014.

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