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7 Technologies Your Hospital Departments Need Right Now

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
July 18, 2019
May 29, 2024

To make your clinic more efficient, you need to use trendy hospital technologies. Meet the top tech innovations that your hospital departments need right now.

There are lots of technologies that are worth your attention in 2019. Hospital software and hardware trends are all over the internet, so we’ve gathered the top seven disruptive innovations like hospital signage or 3D printing hospital technology that will help your hospital stand out. 

Our extensive list includes hospital management software that will not only help your patients get the best treatment but also affect your clinic budget positively. Let’s see what you can work with!

1. Personalized mobile hospital software for smartphones

Mobile technologies rock literally every industry these days. You can now order anything you want, using just a few apps on your iPhone. Hospitals are also getting digitized with hospital software, and it opens lots of possibilities to improve the patient experience in your clinic. 

One of the very basic features that an app could do for your hospital is serving as a hospital scheduling software. It will allow your clients to book a visit through the app and avoid back-and-forth calls. 

If you decide to build a bigger hospital information technology platform, you could also give your customers an opportunity to upload the medical history and treatment plans right to their phone. This is super convenient and allows you to drop the unnecessary paperwork, leaving that stone age behind.

2. Hospital digital signage

Did you know that digital hospital signage can not only improve the client’s experience but also save your budget? You heard it right! Hospital digital signage can serve as a help center and an interactive appointment system allowing you to avoid hiring too many receptionists. These kinds of tasks can be automated with modern hospital management software.

Hospital signage can also serve as a wayfinding tool. Place a few screens in the hallways and add an interactive map using the hospital digital signage software. Hospital signage will guide your clients right to the place they’re looking for without getting lost in the halls of your clinic. 

Digital hospital signage can also help you showcase the feedback and review from your patients. Let your newly arrived patients that they’re in good and caring hands.

3. 3D printing hospital technology

Among the best hospital software and technology innovations, 3D printing is considered one of the most promising. People are even printing big habitable houses. However, this is a complex process of 3D printing implementation into the hospital’s everyday life. 

Lots of scientists are working hard to make it possible for humanity to print leaver, heart, and other parts of our bodies. Recent results are stunning. Scientists have already printed the heart out using a 3D printer, but there is still plenty of room for studies. 

Buying a 3D printing hospital technology to print tools, catheter, and other necessary hospital materials will bring your hospital to a whole new level.

4. Telemedicine hospital software

Here comes a core feature among the trendy technologies in hospitals. Telemedicine helps people get diagnosis and treatment advice remotely. 

Telemedicine hospital software - Kitcast Blog

There are lots of people without access to medicine around the world. Having a chance to get a consultation through Telemedicine using video conference tools is huge.  

By the way, hospital digital signage can be a part of the telemedicine network at your hospital. Your hospital information technology department will not have any complications while setting up the hospital digital signage to use it for that.

5. Cloud computing hospital technology

Your clinic is a complex network with different hospital software running 24/7. To power your software technologies, you need powerful servers. There is no need to do that in 2019. Cloud computing eliminates the need for bringing hardware technology into your hospital. 

All research activities and processing resources can be managed in the cloud. This is more affordable and smart to use this hospital technology.

6. VR and AR technologies in hospital

While people tend to thinks that VR and AR are more of gaming technology, we see that these technologies can be very convenient in hospitals. 

VR and AR technologies in hospital - Kitcast Blog

VR in hospital software allows doctors to train the surgeries and figure out how to use specific tools. This means that new hospital technologies can improve patients' lives and make your employees more skilled without a need for the actual surgery. 

7. Big data and tech analytics hospital software

Big data is a fundamental technology that may impact the healthcare industry and bring the hospital software to the next level of evolution. There is a lot of data that your hospital collects during the diagnosis process. 

To make sure this data will help you in the future, you can apply the big data hospital technology approach and gather all that information for future purposes. While using the cloud computing hospital technology to store it, your hospital can build a small neuro link network to analyze the gathered data and give doctors reasonable advice to consider while diagnosing. 

Faster and more reliable results mean a faster diagnosis process. All this will help you use the hospital software more efficiently in your clinic.

Wrapping things up

The list of hospital technology software and hardware solutions is big nowadays, but you’ve got to highlight those that fit the needs of your clinic. 

Some of you may really need the hospital scheduling software to change the way your patients interact with the receptionists, and some of you may look up to more innovative surgery approaches. Some of you need a decent hospital signage network, some of you want to try out 3D printing hospital technology. All of these use cases are important in the life of an average patient, and it’s up to you to improve the overall hospital technology experience of your clients. 


We urge you to hurry up and try implementing the most popular technologies in your hospital. This will not only benefit your patients but also improve your clinic as a business machine.

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