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7 Great Ways to Use Digital Signage in Corporate Communication

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 26, 2018
May 29, 2024

Technologies can have a tremendous effect on improving the quality of internal corporate communication, ensuring the wellbeing of the employees and boosting overall productivity. Corporate digital signage is a versatile tool for making the workplace better and achieving higher results. Screens can positively change the working environment and help resolve day-to-day issues in an easy and effortless manner.Here are is our roundup of 7 great ways to use digital signage in corporate communication!

1. Spotlight employees

Digital signage installed at the corporate office can be a great way to improve the motivation of your employees. Use displays to showcase the success of your teams in a visual manner. You can utilize screens to display messages about the latest achievements of your workers, share positive news about your company, strengthen your teamwork and highlight the talents of people working in your business.

2. Raise brand awareness

Lobbys, waiting rooms and corridors might not appear to be the spaces that can help to increase the awareness of your brand. Or do they? With digital signage in corporate communication, these places can magically turn into effective brand message conveyors. Use them to present your brand in the most engaging and effective way. Choose the relevant content, and your digital signage will do the marketing magic instantly.

3. Inspire and motivate

Everybody needs to be motivated from time to time – it helps to keep up with the intense rhythm of today's world. A company that can effectively inspire its employees is one step closer to win the long-term game. Digital signage in corporate communication can make it much easier as you can broadcast inspirational and motivation content using your displays. One of the benefits of this approach is the high visual quality of the message and the possibility to instantly deliver the attention-grabbing content. With digital signage in place, you receive a perfect tool to motivate your employees designing your message with easy-to-use templates.

4. Keep the workplace safe with instant emergency messaging

Emergencies happen. A company that has a flawless risk-management and safety strategy effectively minimizes the emergency situation effects. Digital signage solutions integrated into the corporate communications ecosystem provide an efficient way to organize the better security of the workplace. The screens can be used for broadcasting the instant messages as well as could be utilized for wayfinding.

5. Keep the employees up-to-date with information that matters

One of the main benefits of digital signage in corporate communication is versatility. Screens can be used as a simple and powerful source of information. Depending on your needs you can adapt the broadcasting to ensure that your employees get the information that helps them keep track with ever-changing data. You can use the best practices of digital signage like showing news live feeds, financial infographics, marketing charts, sales graphs, website analytics. The capabilities of digital signage are truly enormous when it comes to visualizing the data.

6. Facilitate the administrative tasks

Tired of confusion with booking the conference rooms, spending too much on printing out memos, looking for a universal solution to technologically boosting your workspace? Digital signage in corporate communication can get you covered efficiently facilitating the administrative side of things. With screens, you can set up a room booking system and forget about printing out material by broadcasting messages digitally.

7. Improve the company culture

Unique company culture is essential for reaching the highest business results. Use digital signage in corporate communication to nurture the company culture you're aiming for. Screens can be easily integrated with social media creating a great conversational space for your employees. You can use displays to organize different polls, announce events, ask for feedback and opinion.

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