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7 Digital Signage Solutions Airports Need Now

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 30, 2019
May 29, 2024

Airports deal with millions of clients daily, and the user experience for them is the number one priority. The structure of the regular airport terminal is very complex, and it takes a lot of work to optimize the journey of an average traveler.

For the last decades, dozens of technical improvements were implemented to guide airport visitors to their gates faster, make their experience entertaining and convenient.

Airport digital signage software is among the most popular innovations that terminal managers tend to apply successfully. Today we’re looking at seven core signage display use cases that will make a candy out of any airport.

1. Passenger information help desk

The split-flap displays are gone, and flight information can be displayed way faster today than ever before. An average traveling person will look for the following essential information:

  • Flight departure time and gate
  • Any delays data
  • Weather and current time
  • What airline takes care of his/her flight
  • etc.

As you can see, it’s a pretty complex data structure that should be available to airport visitor at any given time.

Digital signage for airports allows you to make any changes on the go to the displayed information on the flight board.

The whole airport digital signage systems are flexible that you can even run alerts and announcements by adding them to the content feed in a few clicks.

2. Video walls

Video walls shouldn’t necessarily bring value to your passengers. This thing can entertain your clients visually as the Charlotte Airport video walls do.

Try using airport digital signage systems to improve the visual presentation of your airport and showcase anything you want out there. This is a flexible approach to creative improvements.

Video walls are spectacular, they instantly evoke emotions and capture the entire attention of the visitors. While the attention spans are minuscule for all types of content nowadays, they are even less for someone who's rushing through the airport. That's why you have a race against time here. Why not apply the magic of airport digital signage systems and create a state-of-art visual experience for your visitors?

There are different types of video walls you can go with. It can be either composed of many screens or exist as one big customized screen. You can also go creative with the shapes of such a video wall. Airport digital signage will help you to work directly with the visitor. Also, for the advertisers, it will be a much more desired spot to show their promotional content.

3. Terminal navigation and wayfinding

More people are getting lost in complex buildings like airport terminals than you can imagine. The new generations are used to Google Maps and other solutions. Seeing a static terminal map is an outdated and ineffective solution; it’s still too hard to understand static navigation.

Terminal navigation and wayfinding - Kitcast Blog

Airport digital signage software can help you make wayfinding more interactive and simple. A few displays with a touchscreen feature and an interactive map will make your staff forget that people can get lost in the terminal.

Also, don’t forget that you can devote a few displays solemnly to wayfinding tips guiding your passengers through the most problematic zones of your airport step by step.

4. Entertainment digital signage content

No one likes waiting. It’s annoying and makes you feel like you’re doing nothing forever. To make sure your passengers never experience this torture, you can use airport digital signage displays to show entertaining content.

Popular TV series, news, concerts and even a Discovery channel movie about environment or animals will work just fine. You can also show sports events in some exclusive VIP lounges to ensure the happiness of soccer, tennis, basketball or any other sports fan waiting for the flight.

5. Advertising and promotions

Advertising and promotions - Kitcast Blog

Running a dynamic content feed makes much more sense if you pursue financial benefits. The airport digital signage system ROI can be even better than you can imagine.

Running ads and your company promotions may help you double your annual revenue. Airport digital signage systems allow you to create an all-in-one network of advertising screens that will be an easy sell for any company that wants to promote. With thousands of visitors, airports are one of the prime locations for ads. It's high time you use all those advantages to your own gain.

6. Employee communications

Installing separate displays in departments that regularly contact each other regarding work-related issues will increase the productivity of your staff. They’ll be able to send work requests and inquiries through the display with a touch screen feature and save time on unnecessary calls.

Also,  digital signage for airports allows you to feature the workers of the month and year on the screens of your airport to improve the motivation of your employees.

7. Ticket booking system

When we talk about the touch screen feature, we genuinely believe that interactive ticket booking is essential in any airport. Digital signage for airports can deal with that for you. Install a booking booth in every crowded corner of your airport and sell your tickets faster.

Digital boxes are the future of purchasing and the quicker you're in the game the better for the commerce. Also, with the interactive screens, you can upsell and run ads meaning more revenue and an improved experience for the customers.

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