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5 Ways to Persuade a Customer Before the Test Drive

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
June 13, 2019
May 29, 2024

When your customer takes the car for a test drive, consider your deal is at the finish line. It’s the ‘grand finale’ that your sales manager worked so hard for. But did you know how to persuade a customer and help your dealership managers to sell cars faster and boost your revenue? It’s simple; all you need to do is to work on your pre-sale process. Did you know that more than 67% of the car buyers consider the test-drive an essential thing affecting their final decision?

That’s reasonable; you’ve got to take a car for a spin and see how you feel riding in it. Today we’ll help you heat up the interest of your car buyers to encourage them to take a test-drive. This will help you double your sales and fundamentally improve your dealership’s sale performance.

1. Point out the best interior design solutions

Let’s be honest. Sometimes when you buy a car, you don’t recognize some of the interior features that are not so obvious to you from the first sight. There is a chance that you the typical buyer will check it out superficially and won’t notice some of the most exceptional features that will ease their lives and improve the riding experience.

That’s where you’ll need to step in and help them see it. Car dealership digital signage may be the best solution to help you show any kind of information and data on the wall by the car. With signage software and a few screens, you’ll be able to run the presentation of the best interior design features on the screens installed near the car.

2. Tell them what’s under the hood

People prefer to know that the car is powerful, but not all of them understand the ins and outs of what’s inside the vehicle. You have to tell them how solid the car is using simple words. Digital signage for a car dealership can help you with that, cause this solution allows you to display images, texts, and interactive elements to explain what’s under the hood of the car.

3. Showcase the technology behind

We’re building up the excitement of your potential buyer, but we’re not there yet. Did you know that you can install automobile screens with signage software inside the car to tell your clients more about the technological solutions that support the vehicle?

Tell them everything: starting from the autopilot, modern or security solutions. Deliver the most valuable information using auto digital signage.

4. Show how fast the car is to excite your clients

how to persuade a customer

When we talk about automobile screens or auto digital signage, we’ve got to highlight that provoking your clients and seducing them can be easier with these two signage solutions.

Use these screens to show your clients how fast this particular car can accelerate to 60 or 100 miles per hour. Tell them that they are witnessing the real beast and encourage to taste that feel.

5. Display a message with an offer to try it themselves

How to persuade a customer and that’s where you should use car dealership digital signage to seal the deal and guide your clients right to the test-drive option.

Let’s say you’ve already displayed the most epic video footage of this car, you’ve shown your customer how good the car is under the hood and how well-tailored the interior is. Now just deliver your clients a call-to-action: Let’s do this, let’s take a test-drive and see it for yourself!

Digital signage for car dealerships can help you deliver this message in several ways:

  • You can display a simple message with a catchy call-to-action phrase.
  • You can make it more interactive with a button that initiates the test-drive start.

So as you can see, car dealership digital signage is a quite flexible solution that can become a fundamental element in the pre-sale car advertising. Install a few displays in your store and boost your sales by helping your sales department with car advertising!

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