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5 Ways Screens Can Substitute Personnel in Banks

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
October 2, 2019
May 29, 2024

We have prepared five use-cases of the digital signage bank solutions that will definitely benefit your bank business. With bank screens and interactive features, you’ll be able to build a bank of the future, not just a simple old-fashioned financial facility.

Technologies are disrupting every business niche and emerge with our lives on every level. We genuinely believe that digital bank signage is one of the technologies that can help the bank customers as well as ease the life of bank management personnel. 

Here are the best ways of utilizing digital signage for banks that you should consider while rebuilding your bank’s brand.

Real-time data on interest rates, pricing, and promotions

Banks are about convenience and value. You bring value to your customers with your products, services, and financial assistance that you can provide. While the level of service that you bring to your bank visitors is crucial, it’s also essential to provide them with the most up to date financial data. 

This data may include the interest rates, pricing for account maintenance, and promotional content for new customer acquisition. 

The data can also include the currency rates and financial advice to help your visitor choose between your pricing plans, cards, and accounts. Not only will it help your visitors to understand what they need but will also ease the life of your employees.

Increase brand awareness

Digital signage provides you with the tools to run different types of content. You get yourself a dynamic feed where you can put out whatever you need. 

Brand awareness is about hitting your customers with the right type of ads/promotions at the right moment. Delivering personalized branded content with a clear value to the customer and a simple association with your company will help your clients get familiar with your brand. 

It’s all about delivering your bank’s brand message and putting the benefits of your bank in the spotlight. 

Use digital signage screens on your bank’s facade to reach out to your potential clients or use signage displays indoors to give your clients more information on how your company operates.

Young woman withdrawing cash from the ATM.

Promote deposits and upsell services

Financial deposit is one of the elements that helps banks exist and generate revenue. Whenever your clients deposit their money to your bank, your company gets an opportunity to use this money for additional loans and simply put this money to work. 

This means one thing – you’ve got to put a lot of effort into deposits advertising; this is one of the critical revenue generation pillars of your bank. 

While building the bank of the future and working with digital signage, you have to consider the development of flexible and interactive ways for clients to work with deposits. 

You can either install the signage displays with the touch screen feature or set up the booth with the dynamic deposit rates and additional information. You can utilize digital signage for banks as the help desk system when it comes to providing your clients with information about your services.

Showcase entertaining content to take the pain out of waiting

This is one of the reasons why we advocate for digital signage installation in every waiting room of every hospital, financial institution, governmental buildings, etc. 

Waiting sucks. Since digital signage screens allow you to showcase any type of content, you can simply use them for customer entertainment purposes. 

Digital signage allows you to deliver:

  • Photo content
  • Videos
  • Latest social media posts
  • Charts
  • Presentations
  • Real-time statistics
  • etc.

Having this many opportunities means having everything you may need to create a truly comfortable environment for those sitting and waiting in your bank.

There are tons of examples of how people tend to use digital signage for waiting rooms and customer entertainment purposes. Just remember that the bank is a severe facility, so you’ve got to be attentive at what kind of content you put out. It all depends on your brand’s tone of voice and guidelines for customer interactions that your brand has.

Transactional kiosks & terminals with interactive features

We have already mentioned the displays with the interactive features that can really ease the life of your customers. Now we’d like to remind you that banks are about financial operations and how they handle them. If you provide your clients with the most natural way of money transferring, depositing, and withdrawal, you get yourself a pleased and loyal customer. 

That’s where digital signage can help you. Install a few digital signage booths to provide your clients with the opportunity to:

  • Perform operations with the current account right on the screen
  • Send and receive money transfers without the need of sitting in a queue and waiting for manual assistance
  • Working with their deposits, credits, and balance on one screen
  • etc

You can consider this as an offline alternative to your online bank application. This is the interactiveness that offline banking needs; this is the innovations that your clients need.

Create the bank of the future with digital signage

What is the bank of the future, after all? First of all, it’s a bank that puts technology above the old-school bureaucracy and inconvenient ways of offline operations. When we say ‘future,’ we always keep the innovative developments in mind. 

Well, digital signage is one of the leading technological advancements in the marketing niche right now. If you start utilizing digital signage displays in your bank today, you will already be a few steps ahead of most of your competitors. That’s we consider our today’s post a ‘lead’ or hot tip that will guide you towards the creation of the real bank of the future. 

Never neglect the innovations, give them a try, and you’ll be amazed at how your bank will be transformed.

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