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5 Types of Signage Interaction With Your Clients If You’re a Car Dealer

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
October 16, 2019
May 29, 2024

Cars should sell. Auto dealer digital signage is there to help you with it. Let us show you how. 

The world of the auto dealership is a very competitive one. In order to stay afloat and thrive, businesses should be constantly creating a better environment for the customer and turn to innovative solutions. Car dealer signage is one of the best solutions to win the selling game.

It’s important to keep in mind though, that the days when the car dealerships were mere auto shops are long gone, today everything is about the experience you’re giving to the customer. And the more engaging it is, the closer the moment when the purchase is done. Sure, you can opt for the old ways of doing things, but we would like to show you how car dealer signage can help. Let’s get to it. 

1. Create a bond with your customer

Auto dealer signage is always about engagement. Treat the screens that you place in-store as a tool to catch the attention of the customer. For that, you would need great content that creates that bonding bridge between you and a person that wants to buy a car. Once you’ve achieved it, selling becomes a much easier and smoother process for both sides. 

What is the great content you may ask? Think strategically, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. If a person comes to buy a car, what it gives you as a content idea? Think freedom, think family, think design. You can visualize it all with car dealer signage and make the screens pop with images and videos sending messages that vibrate with your target audience. So do that and build bridges between you and a potential sale. 

2. Make it interacting

On the outside, it may look like a dull retail space with cars inside and their technical specifications nearby, but it shouldn’t be boring. It should be entertaining. And interaction is a way to make a visit to the car dealership memorable and pleasant. How? With auto dealer signage. 

Change static specifications to touch boards, place a screen next to every car to show it in action, use the video walls to show the reviews from the previous customers. Use it all to the benefit of your store, make technology enhance the experience. It may be that extra mile leading to closed deals. 

Signage technologies of today offer many options for interaction. You can choose between touchscreens, kiosks, video walls, smaller-sized gadgets. The key here is to adapt the technology to the needs of your store and create a dealer signage package that works for achieving your marketing goals. 

3. Make it social

Everybodys on social media nowadays. It plays a huge role in our lives, it plays a huge role in your customer’s life too. So use social to improve your sales. Because there’s no better way to engage with car buyers than through screens and social media. Or, shall we say an auto dealer required signage showing social media. It’s all done fairly easily, you’ll just need a screen and software that is capable of broadcasting social media actions. 

What really matters here is the planning of an experience. One such example is doing a social wall showing the images your customers snapped inside the store. It’s important to have a hashtag and then show every piece of content that uses it. Instagram would be a perfect social media in this case. It’s fun, it’s highly engaging and it works both inside (in your store) and outside (customer gives you exposure by posting using your hashtag). Win-win? Definitely!

4. Amaze

Cars evoke strong feelings. Cars are synonymous with speed, stability, travel, family and many other positivities of our life. You have them in your store and people should care. Show it through the screens, inspire your customers by treating them to beautiful visual content. 

In order to rock this process, don’t forget about the correct targeting, know your audience. Because the content you’re going to show is different if you sell a new Bugatti Veyron or a family-friendly Honda Odyssey. Your goal is to hit the right strings with the signage, precisely-targeted content is your notes. Play them virtuously, show a pompous video of speeding supercar in the Death Valley for Bugatti but limit to the footage of a cheerful family Wyoming lake vacation for Odyssey.

5. Provide a full experience

Work with your customer from the moment he enters the store to the second he quits. Again, it’s the full experience that matters, some lonely standing screen showing time and date won’t do the magic. A meticulously crafted auto dealer signage strategy is required to close the deals. Every screen is important but only if it plays a specific role. Just like in an orchestra. 

Think of the car dealer signage in terms of a symphony, it will only sound good if everything is organized properly marketing-wise and every screen plays its part in a bigger picture. If everything works fine, you’re giving a Beethoven symphony experience to your customer. The Beethoven symphony is your digital signage content and your customer is a listener. It’s much easier to sell cars when a buyer genuinely likes how he feels in your store. So use that. 

Turn to signage in your car dealership and win big.

Take the above mentioned advice and materialize it in your store according to your needs and objectives. Because it’s never too late to innovate and disrupt. And with digital signage, it is much easier. 

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