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5 Mistakes to Avoid in Digital Signage for Concert Halls

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
October 24, 2019
May 29, 2024

Concert halls are places where art comes to life. It is a temple of all things culture and tech could bring this temple to the new levels of 21st-century entertainment spirituality. 

In a time when streaming takes over, the digital is on the rise and the venues compete for their place under the sun, concert hall digital signage is a necessary lifesaver and game-changer. And it doesn’t matter if you’re running the 19th-century philharmonics or ultra-modern multifunctional converted factory, concert hall signage is a jack of all trades, it fits perfectly for every medium. The main thing is to use it in the right way. 

Just for that, we’ve created this article that shows the common mistakes of implementing digital signage for the concert hall. Because we want you to ace this technology and get the most of it at your venue. What’s at stake? An increase in visits, better engagement, more solid security and other perks that we’re going to cover in a second. So let’s get into it, shall we? Here are the mistakes to avoid. 

Not using signage for the branding of your venue

While it may look like the concert hall digital signage is a mere installation of screens around your venue, it is much much more than that. Its true power lies in the visual aspect, in the possibilities that the screens have to amaze and entertain, to inform and direct. And all these features work perfectly for an activity all of you marketers are doing. We’re talking about branding here. 

Because what concert hall of today doesn’t think about its own branding? It’s something of a norm, something that is understood as an integral part of the whole marketing strategy. As a concert hall, you have a logo, a motto, a distinct visual palette. Promote it all with concert hall digital signage, use the displays to enhance your brand, to gently but beautifully remind the visitors about it. 

For example, many concert halls have spaces between the stage and the entrance where people wait, relax, hang out, have conversations. These are the perfect locations for the screens. Place them unintrusively to the atmosphere of your place and broadcast your brand message through them. Make your concert hall spark with branding. 

Forgetting about the security aspect

Accidents happen. If they don’t happen, then it’s also because an effective security approach is implemented. Digital signage for concert halls is an ideal tool to make the security of your place much better with tech. How can screens do that? There are several ways. 

Firstly, what should be noted, a display may be the quickest medium in the world right now to broadcast immediate messages. For example, if an emergency happens at the venue, if you have a network of screens you can inform people straight away with a vivid security message and direct them where they should go. This can save lives and make the emergency more organized and controlled. 

In a combination with other security measures like audio announcements and appointing responsible people, concert hall digital signage would be an extremely effective addition. 

Missing on the advertising opportunities

In the times of Mozart the concert halls where the places where people gathered to hang out, listen to music and meet each other. Nothing changed since then. Except now concert halls can earn money not only from the, well, concerts but also from advertising. 

And you know what, digital signage and advertising is a match made in heaven. Each screen you install at your venue is a potential opportunity for advertisers. That, in turn, means another source of income for you as a concert hall. 

The thing to keep in mind, though, that your venue may not be the place where people come to be bombarded by the ads. So what’s important is to keep it balanced and to keep it very relevant to the audience. For example, an ad for the new exhibition of contemporary art would definitely fit. A toxic-colored video promoting the new shampoo line, probably wouldn’t. So keep it smart, minimal and relevant at all times. 

Not providing effortless wayfinding

No matter if your concert hall is a half-abandoned basement for rave parties or a futuristic mega stadium, wayfinding is an important part of your visitor’s journey through the premises. And your main goal as a venue is to make wayfinding as effortless and intuitive as possible. 

The main reason for that is simple. If you’ve left the visitor confused and unsatisfied after a time spent at your place, he won’t be back and he can possible advise his acquaintances to follow his example. 

So here comes the concert hall digital signage, a tool that will help you to make the visitor journey easy. Screens are versatile and they come in multiple shapes and sizes. Install interactive maps of the venue at the focal points. Place screens that show practical info on where the toilets are, how to find a food court, where the exits are located. It may seem like a simple thing to do but in reality, it completely transforms the whole visitor experience. And if done right the transformation is always positive. 

Not engaging with the visitors

Entertainment shouldn’t only be where the stage action is. It could also be anywhere inside your concert hall building. Because this is what signage can do, it can make the lifeless areas spark engagement. 

Is there a break between the acts? Place an interactive kiosk in the lobby area with a quiz game about the play. Use social media to your benefit by asking people to share the quiz answers using a special hashtag for a chance to win a prize. Combine branding, entertainment and advertisement in this effortless act of human interaction. 

While engagement may not look like an immediate sales driver for a concert hall, it creates an important bond between you as a business and the visitor. 

Be always en vogue with digital signage

Branding, security, ad income and creating bonds, concert hall digital signage is an amazing tool to take your venue to a new technological level and make sure that your marketing is relevant and effective in this day and age. 

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