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5 Mistakes in Upselling you Should Avoid

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
June 18, 2019
May 29, 2024

It’s crucial to remember that upselling is one of the essential elements of any business dealing with retail orders. When your customers are in the process of check-out or have already decided what product they need, you’ve got a small window of opportunity to upsell something.

This is a primary tactic that retail business owners use for decades. Time goes by, but this works and works great. To make sure you’re doing everything right, we’ve prepared a list of common mistakes that you shouldn’t face. Avoid those at the very beginning, and you’ll already be a few steps ahead of your rookie competitors.

Mistake #1. Offering something random just to follow the protocol

We consider this mistake the most popular. When you know that upselling is good and you’ve got to do that, but you’re too lazy to approach it seriously — you face zero profit from upsells.

If your sales representatives offer your customers something useless just to follow the protocol, you’re in big trouble. A bunch of interactive digital signage displays will do their job better. Make sure your employees understand the importance of upselling. Offer a commission system to make it more interesting for them. Use outdoor digital signage instead of a person on an information desk by the entrance. There are plenty of options out there.

By the way, digital signage software can help you sync the sales commissions and ease the workflow of your sales representatives. Provide them with the tools of choosing the best products of upselling and results will come.

Mistake #2. Not giving enough data about the product

Not giving enough data about the product - Kitcast Blog

People can memorize a lot of data; it’s true. However, it’s not always easy to know every in and out of the product your sales representative tries to upsell. Modern technologies like Apple TV digital signage displays and other means of showcasing the data can help you with that.

There is no need to hire numerous consultants. You can just install a few displays in your store to provide your clients with the data regarding the products they may also like.

Mistake #3. Not working out the most fitting suggestions for every product

Before you install those digital signage displays, make sure you’ve worked out the list of the similar and related products to every item in your store. Creating these connections between your inventory items is essential.

Bring your clients real value by offering the ‘clean & care’ package to their new shoes or a protection film for their new smartphone. Digital signage software can have pre-defined offers depending on the product your client is trying to buy. It’s quite convenient.

Mistake #4. Offering a solution to improve the original product

This is tricky. When you decide to go after an additional sale and offer your client a bonus item, you’ve got to present it right. Some sales representatives tend to show the additional product as a way to improve the work of your client’s original purchase.

It’s dangerous, cause your client can start to question his original decision. Why would he need something that he’ll have to improve and subsequently invest into?

Mistake #5. Not having visual support of your sale pitch

Not having visual support of your sale pitch - Kitcast Blog

Visualization is a king when it comes to reaching people’s minds. Advanced digital signage solutions allow you to deliver any type of content: videos, pictures, charts, etc. Don’t just describe how great the item is. Show it on your Apple TV signage screen.


There are lots of tricks you may use to upsell something to your customer. First of all, you’ve got to be honest and offer him a product that will bring him or her the value. Don’t offer something useless just to get a few extra dollars. Even if your client agrees to that, he’ll understand everything later and won’t return to you.

We genuinely believe that digital signage software is one of the best tools that allow you to avoid the upselling mistakes and shake things up in your sales department. Give it a try today, and thank us later.

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