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5 Mistakes In Real Estate Marketing. Avoiding Them With Digital Signage

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
April 16, 2019
May 29, 2024

Real estate is the competitive niche out there, and to win your customers you have to be inventive and a born salesman.

More and more agents tend to spice up their real estate marketing plan with digital tricks. The one who applies the best digital techniques is usually way ahead of his competitors. Today we want you to become the real estate agent who knows how to deal with regular marketing mistakes and benefits from the digital signage software for real estate.

1. Disregarding the advantage of video content

One of the most popular mistakes is not working with video content. The only video option for an agent is either to put them out on the website or run around the house with the tablet or a smartphone and show the videos to customers.

To be honest, both options are not that good and here is why. Not every real estate buyer really knows how to take the most out of your website and looking at the small screen of your tablet is not that convenient.

Using the video content in your real estate routine can be much easier if you get yourself the real estate digital signage screens. You can advertise the best features of the house on these displays and at the same time run advertisement content working on your agency brand awareness.

This is an investment that definitely pays off.

2. Complicating the tour scheduling process

The open house is a great thing when it comes to real estate marketing. It makes the house available for the visitors at certain times during the day.

However, when someone wants to see the house at the specific time slot, usually he/she has to make a few calls, write an email or chat with someone from your agency. This is not that fast, easy and convenient.

First, let’s admit that tour scheduling should be available where the person stops by the house while having a walk and noticing the unit. To make that possible, you can use outdoor digital signage for real estate. Set up a display with the touch screen feature and the modern signage software will do the rest. The booking feature is usually available in most of the reputable software companies supporting digital signage for real estate.

3. Not presenting the property information

While having a tour inside the house, people may request additional docs from you and a floorplan to see how many square feet each room has and other details. To make this whole process more transparent, you can take advantage of the digital signage for your real estate business. Just upload the floor plan and other legal details that your potential buyer may request from you to the dynamic feed of content in the signage software.

This will be the gateway for all the information that the buyer may request. This saves time for both the agent and the buyer. Therefore, it’s a beneficial addition to your real estate marketing plan.

4. Showcasing houses with no furniture

When we talk about the dynamic feed of content that the real estate digital signage offers, we forget about one of the biggest mistakes that an agent can do.

People tend to sell houses without the furniture, and this makes the whole process of home sale a nightmare. Of course, you cannot run around the city and move the furniture to the houses where owners decided to leave the houses empty before the sale. This makes the home look hostile, cold and sad. No one wants to live in the ‘house of sadness’ by the river, right?

That’s where the real estate digital signage comes handy. It’s not hard to prepare photography of this home with different furniture options. You can simply make those in one of the photo editors. Of course, this will be an approximate look, but it will still give people the idea of how warm and cozy this living room may be.

Don’t forget to take the most out of photo content; this is one of your tools that helps you land the deals.

5. Not promoting your agency’s reputation

Digital signage can do a lot for your real estate business. Among the other problems that you can face as an agent is a reputation that your customers cannot double-check without additional hassle.

Self-presentation is crucial and would it really sound that good if you just start bragging about how your company is the best one around? This will just sound cocky.

That where you can add digital signage right to your real estate marketing plan, cause it may help you here as well!

Use signage displays to showcase your agency’s presentation including the best deals you delivered and the feedback from your beloved customers. Use the real estate digital signage as a platform where you can speak up and talk to your potential buyers.


Digital signage for real estate can help you avoid the most popular mistakes during the marketing planning. Make sure you try out our signage ideas and do your homework before you approach your next deal.

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