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5 Mistakes: Customer Engagement

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 13, 2019
May 29, 2024

Customer engagement is the crucial element companies seek a secret recipe for. The reality is that the best thing you can do is to avoid the common mistakes and you’ll be a few steps ahead of your competitors in customer engagement marketing already.

Our today’s post will highlight the most popular issues that brands run into while forgetting that interaction with customers should be more empathic. Let’s start with the good old ‘copy-paste the right answer’ dilemma.

1. Relying on scripted responses and templates while interacting

Many brands make the same mistake trying to automate the sale process. They rely on scripted responses and use templates to answer to customers’ requests faster. However, they don’t understand that the pace of your conversation is not the reason why people are bonding with brands after all.

You have to note that the general rule of thumb is whether you bring value to your customer and whether he’s happy or not after the sale or customer service interaction. This means that your potential customer will be way more satisfied if you actually talk to him like a real human, not like a bot. It doesn’t matter how fast your answers are if chatting with your representative feels like talking to an AI.

2. Not leveraging the innovative technologies

While innovative startups are disrupting nearly every industry in the world, new means of customer engagement pop up as well; Among others, one of the most promising technologies is digital signage. Using a few signage displays in your offline stores can drastically change the way your clients shop and interact with your brand.

Not leveraging the innovative technologies - Kitcast Blog

Having digital signage at your disposal means bringing the customer engagement strategy to the whole new level.

With digital signage you can:

  • Provide additional info to your visitors.
  • Automate the booking or ordering process.
  • Organize a convenient help desk.
  • Run promotional materials leveraging the videos, pictures and social media feed.
  • Interact with your clients.
  • etc.

You should try digital signage if you’re looking to freshen things up and boost your customer engagement results. The diversity of content types available for use you’ll crush it!

3. Treating your customers as sales numbers

Let’s talk numbers. Business is all about sales and money, right? No. You won’t build a successful business if you think that your clients are just plain numbers and wallets full of cash.

Customer engagement marketing requires you to try and build that desired bond with your clients to ensure that their transaction will be remembered with a warm feeling of happiness. Otherwise, you won’t stand out among other businesses.

4. Not utilizing all the available communication channels

We tend to think nowadays that social media channels are the only option for you to create genuinely engaging content. Indeed, brands started to target the online audience more and spend millions of dollars to make their online presence memorable and entertaining.

Not utilizing all the available communication channels - Kitcast Blog

However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t rely on offline means of advertising and interaction with customers. We’re talking about DOOH and other solutions for outdoor content delivery and advertising.

Make sure you try out running viral ads through DOOH and other offline-based channels to keep your audience engaged.

5. Treating your old customers as newcomers

Unfortunately, this huge mistake appears in any growing business. Most of the newly created brands do not pay attention to the personality of their clients. Not emphasizing your clients results in losing track of returning customers.

There is nothing worse than a brand that considers you a newcomer every time you shop or interact with them. This kills the whole spirit of engaging marketing.


Lots of brands forget to learn from the mistakes of successful companies. We believe that it’s a fantastic opportunity to boost the evolution of your brand and avoid losing your clients at the early stage of your business growth.

The mistakes that we’ve reviewed today may kill a small brand or simply result in the stagnation, not the desired growth. Make sure you learn from this and continue to develop your brand smartly with things like digital signage, custom approach to every client and bonding with every customer you meet.

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