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5 Apps you Desperately Need to Organize your Work at Last

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
September 2, 2019
May 29, 2024

An ultimate list of apps that will help you fight the procrastination and organize your working process. 

Procrastination and lack of productivity are becoming the most significant problems of the XXI century. Losing your time in 2019 is not an option; you’ve got to focus on the work you have and make sure you schedule your working process smartly. 

Among the things that can help you resolve these issues, there are work scheduling apps and interactive to-do lists. Some of them are so advanced that they can even help you eliminate the factors that affect your productivity and avoid wasting your time on them in the future. Finally, we’re entering the era of the properly operating work calendar apps. To make sure you use the best tools to fight your procrastination, just take a look at our comprehensive review of the top 5 work scheduling apps.

1. Trello

Let’s start from the basics before we tackle real beasts among the work scheduling apps. Apps like Trello became popular a few years ago, and despite their simplicity, they’re still widely spread. 

Yes, it’s not a shift work schedule app; it’s more of a work calendar app. You can use trello to manage all of the tasks that you have to do. Before you start figuring out your chaos, we want you to tell how Trello can eliminate the mess in your working process.

Everything is simple, just like any work calendar app, Trello gives you an opportunity to move around the tasks, assign additional labels to them, etc. However, one of their main features is the ability to break down all of your work tasks into custom groups. 

You can either create a separate group for each stage of the task execution or create a custom group for each type of task you have. 

Typically, users prefer to create the ‘To do,’ ‘In review, ’Done’ task groups and move them around accordingly. 

Trello is free can not only become the best work calendar app for you but also help you collaborate with your team interactively.

2. Y-Productive

This is an app from a relatively small team that decided to create not just a work scheduling app, but a whole solution to your lack of productivity. To tackle down that problem, they’ve decided to approach it more seriously. They’ve analyzed the most widespread attention-grabbing activities that can consume your time and created a separate feature called the ‘Focus Mode.’

So let’s say you’ve launched your Y-Productive work scheduling app and added the things that you plan to do. After that, you add all the websites like Facebook, Youtube, or Netflix to an exclusive list of the Focus Mode feature. So now once you turn on this mode, you will not be able to visit these websites. Every time you decide to visit Facebook, you’ll see a message that you’ve got to stay focused, and your work scheduling app temporarily blocks the website.

This is a great way to remind yourself that you’ve got to stay productive to achieve success. Once your tasks are finished, you can turn off the Focus Mode and have some rest with a favorite Netflix TV show.

3. Things

Things app is just as simple as its name. Let’s face it — this is one of the most straightforward app names you’ve ever seen. Yet it encapsulates the idea of this app entirely. 

While there are tons of complex work scheduling apps, Things is simple in use and solves your problems with productivity in a few phone screen taps. 

Things app allows you to move around your tasks, assign them to time frames, plan them for later, and divide them into separate projects. This work scheduling app costs $10. This is a one-time payment, not a subscription. It’s affordable and convenient. 

Actually, their minimalistic approach to the app design is intentional. Since this is a work scheduling app, it should not distract you from work. You just manage the task on a primary white screen and see how your executed tasks are sent to the log journal.

4. Todoist

Some users tend to say that Todoist is the best schedule app on the market. At first glance, it can look a bit complicated, but after you figure out the basic principles of this application, you’ll be surprised how deep it is.

Todoist offers you to evaluate your productivity, analyzing the results you have throughout the day, week, or month. They give you a perfectly designed chart that shows you how much work you’ve tackled for this specific time frame. 

Most of the work scheduling apps are just serving you as a notebook. Todoist is more of an interactive CMS that tracks down your success and motivates you based on your recent achievements for future success.

5. Toggl

Toggl is more of a time-tracker than just a work schedule app. Time is priceless, and when you’ve got a lot on your plate, you’ve got to act fast without unnecessary time-consuming activities. 

With the Toggl app, you’ll be able to track down how much time you waste on an average task and, therefore, plan your further work. Time is an essential thing for any work schedule app, and Toggl is the easiest way to track your time without the need of being tech-savvy.

Since it simple in use, Toggl keeps the 5th spot among the best work scheduling apps on the market right now.

Summing things up


Tracking down the best schedule app is not easy. However, when you find the most convenient option, you become twice as efficient. We believe that our list will help you find the work schedule app of your dreams and change the way you work and waste your time!

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