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What to expect from the 4th generation of Apple TV?

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
January 5, 2024
May 29, 2024

Apple is known for epic new product announcements and the last year’s Apple Event was no different. However, one update was missing. The 4th generation of Apple TV just didn’t cut through in 2023. Will 2024 be any different?

People are pumped up about what the next streaming device from Cupertino company might look like. We went to Reddit, checked the latest tech rumor, and gathered some interesting predictions for this one. Here’s what to expect from the 4th generation of Apple TV.

Will there be the 4th generation of Apple TV in 2024?

Apple is hard to predict when it comes to product upgrades. It can either be a non-event or quite “underwhelming” one like this year’s iPhone 15 announcement. Or it can make the whole world talk like the notorious “1984” ad promoting Macintosh.

One thing remains as clear as the night sky above the Mojave desert. 4th generation of Apple TV probably won’t have a pompous entry if announced. That’s just how things are with Apple and its streaming devices. 

A Forbes article from 2017 perfectly paints the relationship between the company and the media box. Launched in September 2006 as “iTV” long before streaming even appeared, its history has been dotted with ups and downs with Steve Jobs even describing it as a “failure” and a “hobby” product in one of his interviews

But everything changed with the 2017 Apple TV 4K. Once released, it changed the narrative about the device in the press and finally got all the world’s attention as one of the best streaming devices on the market. And not only for streaming, its capabilities were enough for business-level digital signage too. 

That year, the launch of a modified, more powerful product made it to Apple Special Event. Neither 2021, nor 2022 upgrades had the same courtesy. They were announced via press releases on the official website. 

That’s why it’s safe to assume that if the company presents the 4th generation of Apple TV in 2024, it will be done quietly and feature a long and colorful press release. 

Or there’s another way the things might go down. A whole new device (akin to the 2017 Apple TV 4K) may be in the works. There’s some chance that Apple is steps ahead of the next steaming market steps and release a product that will change the game. However, so far nothing indicates that.

4th generation of Apple TV most likely to have a faster processor

That’s almost a guaranteed assumption for the next generation of Apple TV 4K. The main difference between the 3rd and the 2nd versions is a more powerful A15 chip (instead of A12). 

A Bloomberg article by Mark Gurman from January 18, 2023, clarified some things regarding the release of the new Apple TV. There are some very interesting observations about the position of Cupertino company in the streaming box market too. 

First of all, the writer’s sources confirmed that Apple is working on a new edition of its streaming device. It is rumored to feature either A16 or A17 chips (the ones from the new iPhone models) for faster performance. That’s expected as the previous Apple TV models also used the hardware from the company’s phones.

Merging Apple TV with smart speaker and FaceTime camera

Again, per the Bloomberg article (that’s currently among the only semi-confirmed rumors about the new Apple TV product), the company is working on something bigger than just adding a new chip. It’s looking into expanding the home ecosystem by connecting Apple TV boxes with smart speakers and FaceTime cameras.

This move stems from the fact that the position of Cupertino company in the streaming market is not that stellar. With a share of only 5%, it is behind Amazon and Roku (30% and 28%). It seems that Apple is ready to go from the current status of a prestige streaming TV box to a more widely present one. 

And the key to reaching a bigger audience is appealing to the smart-home customers. It will be an interesting transition to watch, that’s for sure. We can expect more smart-home-oriented features in tvOS and better integration with other Apple services and products like the aforementioned smart speakers and FaceTime.

The price will (probably) be lower

Macrumors (which is among the most authoritative internet sources about all things Apple) has speculated that the price of the 4th generation of Apple TV will be on a more budget-friendly level. 

This goes in line with our previous statement that Apple is looking to further penetrate the market of streaming devices where Amazon and Roku dominate with cheaper-priced products. “Sub-$100” is a safe bet to assume when it comes to the 2024 version of Apple TV although it will also depend on the amount of storage. 

Current pricing of the 3rd generation of Apple TV stands at $129 and $149 for 64GB and 128GB.

What else to expect from the 4th gen Apple TV?

It’s easy to say what NOT to expect from the next generation of Apple TV. The classic minimalist black box design is most probably here to stay. While it may become lighter and more sustainable, the general look is set to remain untouched. 

If Apple launches it in the first half of 2024, the box won’t probably support 8K video format just yet. While it’s gaining traction, it’s unlikely to go mainstream just yet. But then again, maybe Cupertino company has something very special in store for us.

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