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15 Instagram Accounts To Follow If You Own a Restaurant

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
May 1, 2022
May 29, 2024

We’ve compiled a list of the best restaurant Instagram accounts from Kitcast that will refresh your perspective and shift your restaurant Instagram marketing in the right direction.

Restaurant Instagram marketing is a tough task. You’ve got to prepare a clear and diverse content plan before launching changing the look of your Instagram. No matter whether you don’t have an account yet or want to refresh your current profile, we know how to inspire you and nudge gently in the right direction.

Today’s blog post will be a comprehensive guide to the world of foodies, small and big restaurants, cafes, and those who know how to do restaurant Instagram marketing the right way.

We know you’re tired of those boring lists of the most apparent restaurant Instagram accounts, so today’s list will also include foodies, restaurant critics, and food photographers. We genuinely believe that as a restaurant owner, you’ll find something to learn from each of them. Let’s roll the first one!

1. Food Stories


Instagram for your restaurant is not just a place where you post a tasty photo of your meal of the day. It’s also not just a place where you post promo pictures and make big announcements. First of all, a decent self-respecting restaurant values good stories. People are bored with the monotonous restaurant Instagram accounts, and this account will help you change the way your visitors see your restaurant. 

This is a profile of a food stylist and a talented photographer. Here you’ll be able to learn how to create the most beautiful food scenes to freshen up your restaurant's Instagram marketing plan. Storytelling can really change the way your clients see your place.

2. Emily Pizza


Apart from serving considerably best burger, pizza, and hot wings in NYC, Emily bets on restaurant Instagram marketing. Their Instagram is like a huge showreel of tasty photos that will make you want to go a grab a bite of that damn burger in less than a minute. 

That’s where Emily makes a double-hit: great product and beautiful photography can blow your clients’ socks off when it comes to food marketing. If your place deals with meat, burgers, or pizza, Emily can become an excellent role-model for your Instagram profile.

3. SweetGreen


You can really learn a lot from SweetGreen. This is one of the best restaurant Instagram accounts you’ll find out there right now. They know their audience very well. While a healthy lifestyle, a soul, and meal become more and more popular, millennials search for more vegan food spots to try.

That’s why, considering their millennial-ish target audience, SweetGreen’s restaurant Instagram marketing is all about celebrating appealing colorful pictures, a healthy lifestyle and a sense of a big green community. Their Instagram profile has a soul, and that’s what people value the most right now about brands.

4. Cha Cha Matcha


These guys easily got to the top five of our best restaurant Instagram accounts lists. We love their Instagram because of how smart they are about using stylish videos and educate their users about eco-friendliness.

While serving them the best matcha drinks in NY and LA, they have some time to post a video with a Wonder Woman and Sailor Moon to celebrate the International Women’s Day. Learn from Cha Cha Matcha how you can produce entertaining content for your audience apart from beautiful food photography.

5. CookRepublic 


She knows how to make cucumbers look fresher than those you have at your fridge right now. Watch her food photography skills; she’s playing on a whole new level. It’s like you really feel the taste of that pasta with cheese on top. Her bakery photos are like the warmest piece of memories that help you remember how cozy baked bread can be. 

Learn how cozy Instagram restaurants can be and try this kind of photography if a part of your restaurant’s brand is a home-like coziness.

6. Michael Bauer 


This is why we believe that restaurant owners can learn a lot, not just from their competitors, but from food critics. If you follow Michael’s account, you’ll stay on top of his latest advice and expertise. 

He loves to take photos of the best dishes he gets served, so you’ll be able to learn from his posts and his advice. This is a total must for a restaurant owner. Don’t wait for a food critic to come to your restaurant, follow him on Instagram, and learn how to improve your place.

7. Jill Fergus


The best restaurant Instagram accounts list for restaurant owners should definitely include Jill Fergus. She’s an editor of FeedTheSwimmers, and her food photography is tremendously inspiring. While looking for a professional food photographer, make sure you look up the best. Jill Fergus is that very best.

8. ShakeShack  


One of the popular Instagram content types for restaurants is a layout. ShakeShack can be your best place to get a look at the perfect layouts and get inspired for your own. We’re not sure how much time they waste on each photo, but some of those scenes look very time-consuming. Hard work will always pay off; that’s why ShakeShack is among the best Instagram restaurants.

9. Erin Jeanne McDowell


Alright, so this one will benefit those who deal with bakery, cakes, cookies and other tasty, delicious stuff. Erin is a real guru at cakery photography. Each picture is like cakery porn. Make sure you look through her profile and note; every detail she usually highlights in her delicious dishes. We’re sure you’ll note lots of photography tricks to apply to your cake photography.

10. Andrew Scrivani


Instagram restaurant critics are great, but how about a professional food photographer who works for the New York Times? Andrew is a real genius when it comes to making a foodie happy. His photography is always on point, every detail is perfect. This perfection is something every restaurant owner should learn from his account.

11. The Meatballers


Best Instagram for meat restaurant owners will definitely be The Meatballers account. Their content is diverse. They showcase their meatballs, give you a sneak peek of how they party and, what’s more important, they make you want those damn meatballs so bad. Their meat photography is super-straightforward. Follow them to note how other Instagram restaurants look up to them and follow their lead.

12. Anisa Sabet


Anisa is a super-talented photographer who not only makes excellent food photography. She also creates terrific scenes that look very cozy and relatable. You can learn a lot from her and get lots of inspiration daily. 

13. Jo Yee


As a designer, Jo has a lot to offer to food photography. Elements on her pictures are usually perfectly aligned and, therefore, eye-pleasing. Take a look if you want to get something like an ‘’Accidentally Wes Anderson’ kind of profile for your Instagram restaurant’s marketing campaign.

14. Howlin’ Ray’s


We love how they mix food photography with their team photos. Learn how you, as a restaurant owner, can make your Instagram more humanized and fun. These guys know for sure how to be creative when it comes to restaurant-related content.

15. Cocktails by Curtis


You shouldn’t forget about your restaurant’s bar. Here is Curtis. He knows how to make your cocktails look mega-attractive on Instagram. Learn those tips and tricks and rock the world of your restaurant’s bar visitors.

Best Restaurant Instagram Accounts: Summing Things UP

Restaurant Instagram marketing can be way more successful if you approach it right. We believe that you can only up to your game in social media if you learn from the best food critics, restaurant owners, and food photography experts. Foodies and potential restaurant visitors will definitely love the new look of your profile, and you’ll make it to the list of the best restaurant Instagram accounts someday if you put enough effort into it.

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