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11 stunning hotel ads to be inspired by

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 19, 2020
May 29, 2024

As the travel industry was booming in 2019, the competition between hotels grew in all the segments. That's when advertising came in handy and the more creative and on point it was, the more chances hotels had to win the hearts and minds of the potential travelers.

We value creativity and we believe that it should be talked about and supported. That's why we've decided to collect the most interesting hotel ads of recent years to give you an ultimate list of spectacular commercials. Even though the industry hotels are in is extremely visual and is connected to the sense of adventure and joys of traveling, it is not always easy to find truly creative ad campaigns out there. Many hotels and hotel chains choose the simpler way of just showing the inside and outside of their place with some background commentary. Your classic example of a boring hotel ad.

Fortunately, there are also many that go all-in with creative freedom and craft stunning pieces of advertising perfection that immediately sets you in a travel frenzy when all you want to do is book tickets and hotel rooms. That is what we call a good commercial and here are 11 videos of hotel advertisement examples that are guaranteed to take your breath away. Let's go.

1. “Travel with purpose” from Hilton

It is heartwarming to see big corporations care about the planet and the environment. It is also refreshing to see such a big brand as Hilton building their brand message on a determination to do business responsibly. "Travel with purpose" is the message of their hotel ad and it's something you won't see from any other big hotel chain. 

Is it bold? Absolutely. Instead of focusing on the luxury it can give to the visitors, Hilton chooses to highlight the things it does to cut its environmental footprint and announcing the zero soap to landfill policy. That is a great example for other big players on the market and ultimately a good, conscious ad for Hilton. 

2. “Live Limitless” from Accor 

Usually, there are two ways of making a hotel ad: you can either show how good your place is or you can choose to show your brand's philosophy. The second is harder to execute and more ephemeral to catch. Nevertheless, Accor does a great job articulating their message: "Live Limitless". And this hotel ad definitely works. 

Its pace is rapid just as our ever-changing world. Its narrative is inspiring and authoritative. Its quality is top-notch. This hotel ad has everything it takes to be called one of the best in the industry. So our hat is off. 

3. “Travels with a sense of purpose” from Aman

The meditative drums take you on a spiritual journey through the exciting Indian subcontinent in this beautiful video, the Aman Resorts hotel ads, the luxury hotel chain from New Delhi. This hotel ad promotes the "Travels with a sense of purpose" series of accommodation propositions of Aman and it does it in class. Because can you really resist the fantastic splendidness of Indian nature and culture? We can't and this hotel ad checks all the right boxes when it comes to teasing your adventurous senses.

4. “Welcome to the wonderful world of Belmond” from Belmond

We love it when the cinematic approach is on in the advertising. That's exactly what you see in Welcome to The Wonderful World of Belmond, the recent ad from the London-headquartered luxury hotel chain. In mere 2:31 minutes, the creatives behind the video were able to provide you with a short film experience of what staying in Belmond feels like.

Even though it has a strong Wes Andersonian vibe to it meaning that at times it is borderline surreal, this is a beauty of it. Instead of producing a boring "here's our amazing bar" video, the company went for a tasteful and slightly fictionalized hotel tale that instantly gets you in a mood of booking your Belmond stay as soon as possible. 

5. "Our Business is You" from Choice Hotels

It's not always about luxury. Budget travelers deserve a good ad for them too. So here comes the "Our Business is You" from Choice Hotels. First thing's first, the music. Choosing "Harmony Hall" from Vampire Weekend as the background track is an amazing move and we've been already sold from the first notes. We still stayed for a simple and heartfelt video that has a clear message and great execution.

6. "Let your mind travel" from Mariott

The ad of Mariott is exactly how you imagine a commercial from one of the largest chains in the world: imaginative, bold and beautiful. People are flying there. And they do it to the awesome rendition of 1971 Willy Wonka's "Pure Imagination". Of course, all the flying takes place in Mariott and the main message is: "Let your mind travel". Now that's a lesson in class and minimalism that works perfectly.

7. "A Wonderful Place to Wander" from Loews Hotels

Loews Hotels may not be a big hotel chain, their current property count is 24 in the US and Canada. Nevertheless, advertising-wise it is in the big league. Just look at their "A Wonderful Place to Wander" commercial. Defined by the Instagrammy, polaroidy colors, it shows you why Loews is the hotel choice you should make. Game of words "wonder/wander" accompanies your journey through the exciting world of places where you can find Loews Hotels and activities you can do there.  

8. "I'm a fan of" from Mandarin Oriental

Have you seen that Rami Malik ad? The one that was dubbed "creepy" by the Internet almighty, has been made into countless memes, Twitter exchanges and pop culture articles. It was for Mandarin Oriental and we absolutely love it. Because not every hotel ad gets to be a cultural phenomenon. Although in Malik's case, it was rather controversial publicity, still the majority of commentators talked about it with praise of Bohemian Rhapsody's star and the "creepiness" was that with the adjective "charming". So it's a score for Mandarin Oriental. 

Be sure to also check their other videos from "I'm a fan of" series, it is a gold mine of classy celebrities with the likes of Christoph Waltz and Helen Mirren. 

9. "Welcome to the Show" - Hotel Ads by MGM Resorts

Not many hotels can pull off the same trick as MGM Resorts. Not many hotels are the iconic entertainment venues that were featured in many movies, TV shows and are well-known all around the world. That's precisely why MGM's hotel ad is so cool. They know who they are and they show you. "We are not in the hotel business. We're in the holy s*** business." Nothing to add here.

10. "Heart. Felt" from Oberoi

Even if you haven't been planning to visit India and staying at the luxurious hotels there, after that hotel ad of Oberoi you're much closer to booking this trip. The ad is beautiful and inspiring, talking directly to the adventure buff inside of you and showing you how to explore this country in style with the Oberoi hotel proposition. 

Also, it's a great example of a hotel using its location for its own benefit. Many hotels can use that in their hotel ads to craft better and more visually rich ads. 

11. "Every Moment Matters" from Radisson

The last from the our hotel ads TOP-list

Every moment matters in the "Every Moment Matters" ad from Radisson. Every detail of this 0:48 video is important and perfectly broadcasts the main brand message. Shot after shot the ad unveils why you should choose this hotel chain and why it's a better choice. What makes it work is the fact that the narrator talks about you and gives you exactly what you would expect from such a well-known brand as Radisson.

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