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11 Reasons Why Digital Signage is a Good Idea

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
February 21, 2019
May 29, 2024

Digital signage is so popular these days that it even sounds a bit ridiculous that someone can forget to use this tool. Utilizing the digital signage displays correctly may not only reboot your marketing strategy but improve your conversions.

Today we want to review the fundamental reasons why you should try out the digital signage. We know for sure why it can be useful for your business, so let’s see what’s in it for you.

1. Cut the costs of your content delivery

This works for both indoor and outdoor promotional materials. Since digital signage software allows you to change the content of the dynamic feed whenever you want, you no longer need to waste your marketing budgets on billboards and separate ads.

Basically, you invest in your digital signage screens once and then you’ll be able to use them for quite a long time. Statistics show that digital signage screens can work for more than five years, so you’ll just have to do the necessary maintenance work.

2. Improve clients engagement and experience

One of the key benefits of digital signage for Apple TV is how engaging it is. While regular ads cannot be interactive enough, signage displays allow you to deliver more engaging content and therefore improve the overall customer experience.

As an example, just think of how useful the interactive wayfinding can be, and that’s only one feature that eliminates a massive hassle for your clients. Tons of content types will allow you to bring actual value to your clients.

3. Promote new services and products

When you’re running a big retail store, a restaurant or body shop, you’ll definitely have new products, dishes or simply services to announce to your audience.

All you need to do once your new product comes out is to prepare a set of good ads and run them on your screens.

In this case, don’t forget that the location of your screens really matters. You’ve got to think this through and install them where your clients actually see them.

4. Deliver news and announcements

Digital signage for Apple TV allows you to run alerts, news, and announcements right away. You can either schedule the big news announcement or plug in the immediate alert on all of your screens.

5. Target multiple audiences at once

Don’t forget that regular ads can only target a limited audience. You either concentrate on one target group of customers, or you just miss it by trying to approach everyone at the same time.

Digital signage marketing implies the possibility to convey the message to a few TA just by separating the ads in the dynamic feed of content.

6. Be more eco-friendly

Millennials are obsessed with a zero-waste idea and, to be honest, it’s great to see that.

Be more eco-friendly - Kitcast Blog

If you support the idea of being more eco-friendly and do your best not to harm the environment, you should consider the digital signage usage.

Running your promotions on the screens requires no printed papers or any other materials. Even after you no longer need the displays, you can send them for recycling, and they will be used again.

7. Make it interactive

Touchscreens and social media widgets can make your clients’ experience genuinely engaging. They can not only control the information they see, but they can also participate by sending the posts in the dynamic content feed.

Lessen the burden of your receptionists and waiters by giving your clients’ the controls.

8. Deliver any type of content on the digital signage screen

When we talk about the dynamic feed of content, we tend to forget how useful the digital signage software is.

The set of tools that you get for a small monthly subscription sum allows you to control each and every element on the screen. You’re within a few clicks from any significant change that you’d like to apply to the displayed content.

9. Digital signage marketing converts

It’s all about the right approach. If you truly understand your customers and know for sure what they want to hear while shopping at your store, you’ll be able to boost your conversions significantly.

If you do a deep enough research, you’ll know what makes your clients doubt while choosing your product. Just place a display featuring all the benefits of your product and convince him/her to make up his/her mind.

10. Generate a more significant revenue by running advertisements on your digital signage displays

This will work for you if you own a mall or a place where the traffic is enormous. You can install a few signage displays in the most crowded areas of your store, mall, hospital, etc. Run paid ads and generate a decent revenue daily.

That’s the investment that pays off quite fast.

11. It’s impressive

Let’s just sum these reasons up by saying that digital signage is merely impressive. It’s a small bite of the future that you can give to your customers right now.

Be among those progressive businessmen and boost your conversions today.

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