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10 Sources To Follow If You Want to Stay Ahead In Digital Marketing

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 8, 2018
May 29, 2024

As the world becomes even more digital, marketers strive to adopt. Digital marketing of today is a highly competitive industry that grows with a speed of light. The reign of social media, constant changes in search engine optimization, the perpetual need for high-quality content, all these things make digital marketing a challenge for the professionals worldwide. Only those who are better informed will lead their companies to success.

Here is our roundup of 10 best sources of digital marketing to follow if you want to stay ahead.


Giving you the A-Z of digital marketing, the Hubspot blog is one of the most insightful and comprehensive resources on the topic in the world right now. Also, these guys have been around for more than a decade basically creating the term "inbound marketing". Trustworthy, deep and useful, Hubspot blog should be a must-read for improving your digital marketing skills.


Social media has become a core of the worldwide digital marketing strategies. More and more companies and brands move to social networks for high engagement, endless creative possibilities and direct communication with consumers. Buffer is a social management company at the forefront of this movement. Their blog is basically a big handbook of tips, pieces of advice and case studies on how to use socials for the benefit of your business. If a resource feels like a full-circle marketing course you know it is a good one.

Social Media Examiner

With an iconic Social Media Marketing Podcast hosted by Michael Stelzner and a fantastic website covering all that matters in the current social media landscape, Social Media Examiner is respected source with a sole purpose to help you nail your online marketing. Also, for a great networking opportunity, be sure to check their annual event Social Media Marketing World in San Diego.

Social Insider

We'd love to include some upcoming stars. Social Insider is a small but passionate company with an exceptional blog devoted to social media marketing. They regularly publish beautifully designed case studies and reports that are very handy when it comes to keeping up with the latest online trends and news.

Neil Patel

On the influencer side of things, Neil Patel is a megastar. The way he guides you through complex issues of SEO, SMM, SEM is unparalleled in the industry. His blog is better than a course at the business school, his podcast is a great source of expert-fueled insights, his YouTube videos are full of inspiring energy and invaluable info. All the aforementioned makes his persona a must-follow in the world of digital marketing.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vee is a legend in the entrepreneurial world. A self-made millionaire, content marketing god, a guru of anything that has an adjective "digital" in it, he is a person you would want to receive the new post notifications from. Highly inspirational yet very practical, controversial yet always on point, Gary Vaynerchuk is setting trends in digital marketing and takes you on the ride with him. Follow Gary for daily tips that can profoundly influence how you perceive business, marketing, creativity and innovation.

Content Marketing Institute

Content hasn’t always been king. It is only recently that the companies have started massively adopting content marketing into their strategies. One of the people we have to thank for promoting the content-based thinking is Joe Pulizzi, a brilliant author, impassioned marketer, and creator of Content Marketing Institute. As a pioneering blog on the topic, it gives you everything you have to know to succeed in producing the top-notch content for your audience.


Search engines are driving the marketers crazy on a daily basis. Being on top of the search is the goal of everybody nowadays. Moz is one of the most respected sources for improving your SEO skills and make algorithms love your websites. Since 2004 they have been flawlessly teaching the marketers worldwide how to be good at SEO and how to do marketing better.

Convince & Convert Blog

With 6 bestselling books under his belt, countless inspiring keynotes given around the globe and 25 years of experience in the field, Jay Baer knows a thing or two about marketing. He helps others by sharing his knowledge as well as giving a stage to the other marketing gurus at Convince & Convert Blog. Ranging in topics from social media and influencer marketing to customer experience, this blog is a micro-universe of insights and expertise.


In a modern content landscape words matter. Not only are they important for achieving the search results but also for winning over the minds and hearts of those who read them. Copyblogger helps to transform your words into powerful marketing tools supplying you with great articles on storytelling, wordsmithery, headline creation, and content delivery. This blog goes into the smallest details of the content marketing to teach you how to do it on the highest level.

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