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10 Effective Digital Signage Solutions for Universities

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
November 21, 2018
May 29, 2024

In order to stay up-to-date, universities should go along with the technological advancements. One of the current educational trends is the digitization of the campuses using digital signage as the main tool. Indeed, screens can be a powerful upgrade for the academic spaces. Here is our roundup of the 10 effective digital signage solutions for universities.

1. Events spotlighting

Both in the gigantic modern campuses and in smaller educational institutions the announcements about universities events are often lost in the informational noise. Screens offer an efficient solution to getting through to the audience in a visual and engaging manner. Example of such a digital signage in university could be an interactive video of the school football team with an invitation to come to the next match.

2. Showing sports highlights

University sports are an essential part of student life. However, sometimes it's hard for students to follow all the latest news. That's when digital signage can come in handy continuously delivering updates on the match scores, transfers, games as well as promoting the university sports in general.

3.Informing about the daily menus at the cafeterias

Bringing digital screens to the cafeteria space can not only help to technologically revamp the dining experience but can also save employees' time they spend on updating the information about the daily menu offer. With easy-to-use digital signage templates, the digital boards can be quickly adapted to the needs of the cafeterias.

4. Broadcasting live addresses from the management

Installing digital signage at university can be a game changer when it comes to delivering your message to your target audience. With technological capabilities allowing a seamless broadcasting experience, you can use the screens to show the real-time addresses to the students and the staff. Apart from being a convenient way to communicate with university goers, digital signage helps to save money and time printing out countless information leaflets.

5. Promotion of the latest university offers

Need to promote a new book? Would like to tell students about a new LL.M. course? Offering a set of soccer team memorabilia? Digital signage has got you covered. With displays, you can make your promotional offer stand out and instantly grab attention.

6. Providing daily inspiration

Sometimes students need a motivation boost for a better learning experience. Universities can turn to digital signage for ensuring their students are inspired. Displays around the campus would be a perfect medium to provide scholars with relevant motivational content that can range from quotes to speeches and videos.

7. Showing real-time emergency messages

Adding digital signage to the university can drastically increase the safety and security of the campus. If there is an emergency situation screens make it much easier to show the message in real-time and direct students and staff. One of the main advantages of such a communication system is that the message is shown instantly and this fact can help save lives and to ensure the effective evacuation process.

8. Providing effortless wayfinding

The good campus is a campus that can be easily navigated. In the era of enormous educational establishments clear and simple navigation is a must. Digital signage software provides an amazing opportunity to make wayfinding easy and comprehensible. Interactive screens will do all the work directing students and staff where they want to go.

9. Highlighting accomplishments

Whether it is an innovative invention, success in a startup challenge, a prize on a scientific conference, it is great when the achievements of students and staff are celebrated and announced. Displays around the campus can serve as a great tool to inform students about the successes of their fellows.

10. Conducting polls and giving feedback

Making polls at big universities can be a tricky task that will require a lot of time to gather all the data for achieving tangible results. On the other hand, if you announce the poll via screens and using special apps that can collect the information from the students, the whole process becomes a trouble-free thing to do. Feedback can be done in the same fashion using the attention-grabbing possibilities of the displays and direct communication with the students.

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