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10 Digital Signage Ideas on St. Patrick’s Day

Written by
Pavlo Fedykovych
Published on
March 15, 2019
May 29, 2024

We’re talking about that time of the year when people start their celebration in the morning and sometimes forget to finish it the next day.

On our end, we strongly believe that that there are excellent digital signage content ideas that you can implement as a restaurant, cafe, bar or retail store owner to entertain your customers. We love St. Patrick’s Day so much that we’ll gladly share these ideas with you.

Before we start, we really hope you didn’t forget to wear something green today! Let’s roll.

1. Run a St. Patrick Trivia

What’s up with the St. Patrick’s Day? Do you know how rich the history behind it is? We do, and we’re sure that your clients should enjoy those old stories as well.

Since there are lots of stories, legends, and traditions behind this day, do not hesitate to spice things up with a short trivia.

To make that happen, you’ll have to do research to support your trivia with truly great questions. In case you feel a bit lazy today, it’s okay, just grab a set of questions online and run them on one of your signage displays.

You can also give away small discounts to those who give the biggest number of correct answers.

2. Display the St. Patrick Menu Specials

You cannot miss an opportunity to serve St. Patrick specials. To make sure your restaurant or cafe guests do not miss every item of your festive menu, use a few digital signage ideas for menu.

  1. Showcase the videos of your specials to show how tasty they look.
  2. Use text and audio to promote these dishes.
  3. Encourage people to try it by using a holiday promo code.
2. Display the St. Patrick Menu Specials - Kitcast Blog

3. Share a Photo, Get a Gift

Among digital signage ideas that you can utilize on this day, there is a great one that includes an old good social media marketing move.

Digital signage software allows you to connect your social media accounts and display the posts by hashtag or specific location.

In case you really want to make your celebration go viral, make sure you run this promotion where you give away gifts to those who post a photo from your store or cafe. It will not only help you mark the social media awareness but will create a lot of user-generated content you’ll be able to display on the screens. Dozens of happy clients with the products from your store.

4. Run a Shot Game

In case you own a bar and consider different entertaining approaches on this day, we really recommend you trying a good old drinking game.

One of the best digital signage ideas is to run some kind of game. Shot games are easy to run, and they may truly boost engagement in the bar.

Use your screen to run videos with a rule to drink whenever something happens (it’s up to you to specify) and people will stare at your displays like crazy.

5. Four Leaf Clover Hunt

So let’s say you’re successfully utilizing different digital signage content ideas, but you don’t know what else to add. There is a great chance that some small element of traditional celebration will engage people even more.

Four Leaf Clover Hunt - Kitcast Blog

Hunting for a four leaf clover is a good old game that digital signage screens can take to the whole new level. So let’s say you’re running different videos, texts, and promotions on your signage. What if a picture of the small clover comes up once in a while? Then, whoever notices it and taps the touch screen of your display will be able to win something or get a special from the menu for free. Hidden quests are very engaging, don’t forget that.

6. Leprechaun Costume Contest in A Mall

What if you want to run something big in a mall or truly huge store?

Who said that Halloween is the only day when people can have a costume contest? Since it’s so popular to wear a leprechaun costume on St. Patrick’s Day, we believe you can run a costume competition and choose a winner using the digital signage displays.

Just run the photos of those visitors who actually wore a great leprechaun costume and let people choose the winner. And hey, don’t forget to prepare some kind of present for the winner!

7. Irish Songs Karaoke Contest

An excellent old Irish song is a key element of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. So why not to hold a karaoke competition among your guests?

Irish Songs Karaoke Contest - Kitcast Blog

There are a lot of digital signage ideas that can be easily supported by the signage software these days. Karaoke feature is one of them. Let them sing; you know your guests want to!

8. Show the Bagpipe Lessons

We know it may sound ridiculous, but let’s admit it, St. Patrick’s Day is about thinking out of the box and going a bit nuts, right?

Raise the level of insanity by showing people how to play the bagpipe! Just imagine how your guests would be like: What? Alright, let’s see where this leads us to.

9. Endorse Rugby for This Night

In case you own a sportswear and accessories store, you should definitely focus on Rugby on St. Patrick‘s Day.

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in Ireland. Make sure you don’t forget about that and leave a few displays showing rugby matches for the day. Digital signage content ideas are all about fun and watching rugby is a hell of an entertainment!

Soccer would be great as well, but you’ve got to choose wisely what kind of matches you show to avoid your customers getting into a fight because of their teams being true rivals.

10. Just Enjoy the Irish Natural Aerial Views

There are dozens of digital signage marketing ideas that we can recommend you trying out. However, when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day celebration, people tend to forget that Ireland gave birth to this fantastic day that we celebrate worldwide.

Just Enjoy the Irish Natural Aerial Views - Kitcast Blog

Make sure you remind your visitors what a great and beautiful country Ireland is. Run some aerial view videos and let everyone feel that charming nature vibe.

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