Transportation Digital Signage

Integrate transport digital signage inside and outside of your vehicles to enhance passengers’ experience and improve your brand loyalty. Engage with the non- passengers by promoting services and targeted marketing content through transport digital signage. Keep your audience informed and entertained.

public transportation digital signage


Improve your brand’s popularity

Create eye-catching content with vivid images, social media feeds, reviews and customer-oriented content using Kitcast’s public transportation digital signage at subway stations and bus stops. Promote events, suggest tours, brand discounts and special offers with vivid images right in front of your target audience.

Visually inform your passengers and general public

Install Kitcast screens inside the public transport, private vehicles and bus stops with the FAQ and interactive feedback forms. Provide them with valuable and relevant information like a timetable, local updates, wayfinding and important events.

Cut your costs significantly

Forget about leaflets, expensive message boards, and outdated paper-based solutions. Kitcast digital signage will save your budget and help you effectively communicate with the audience.

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Public Transportation Digital Signage

Digital signage for transportation is a step forward when it comes to information dissemination. Whether it’s wayfinding or real-time alerts, the screens are able to provide effective communication and make the lives of people better. Installing displays can also lead to an improved experience of using the transport from A to Z. Kitcast will help you boost engagement within the transportation sector.

Ideas for transportation digital signage:

  • Show information about arrivals and departures

The primary use for transportation digital signage. Transit has never been more straightforward and accessible. Broadcast real-time information about the arrivals and departures, place smaller screens around the stations/transit points to provide passengers with even more information they need and combine it with advertising.

  • Provide better wayfinding

Show people that you care by providing an easy-to-understand wayfinding by installing a screen. Screens can show directions, guide passengers in an effective way, and provide extra clarity. This is indispensable in modern city life and can profoundly change public transportation for the better.

  • Enhance security

Security matters when we talk about city transportation. The screens ensure that every message gets through and people know what to expect. Alerts are immediately seen and interacted with, the messaging system works flawlessly, and the whole network of screens is very visual so people are guaranteed to see it.

  • Advertise more effectively

Nothing can rival the screens when it comes to advertising. Digital signage for transportation gives you unlimited creative potential and the space for advertisers to realize the boldest of ideas.

  • Entertain and inform like a pro

Transportation in big cities involves a lot of waiting. Fill that time entertaining passengers with great content. Show the latest news, a weather forecast, funny and motivational videos, destination guides, etc.

The user interface is very well laid out, it's very well explained and essentially easy to use. If I were to define Kitcast in three words I would use: simple, reliable, and elegant.

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