Healthcare Digital Signage

Integrate Kitcast’s digital signage solutions for healthcare to enhance patients’ experience and improve their sometimes vital communication with medical staff. Optimize mundane and time-consuming services, offer visual augmentation with valuable digital signage content through screens.

healthcare digital signage


Increase the patient’s comfort

Turn every step of your patient’s healing process into a caring and valuable experience. Install signs, displays across the halls and rooms with the FAQ, wayfinding, and chatbots. Provide patients with valuable and relevant information like hospital updates. Allow your staff to take control of every crucial part of the patient’s hospital recovery. Kitcast healthcare digital signage can become a helping hand your visitors will appreciate.

Improve your operational effectiveness

Easily digitalize every part of your staff/patient communication with digital signage solutions for healthcare. Everything from smart monitoring systems for intensive care rooms to chatbots displays in the lobby. Secure, stable and easy-to-use – when lives depend on the speed of your reaction, you need the best software.

Cut your costs significantly

Forget about leaflets, expensive message boards, and outdated paper-based solutions and miscommunication issues. Feel the benefits of digital signage in healthcare today and save your hospital budget on helping people, rather than on trying to deliver help.

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Healthcare digital signage is great for improving communication, providing better wayfinding, and giving space for the recognition and promotion of things that matter. Its visual power allows to reduce the feelings of fear, anxiety, stress, or doubt that visitors often may feel when coming to a hospital.

Displays are also very versatile and can boost sales, change the way the internal comms are done, and provide a more effective feedback process.

Ideas for the best digital signage solutions for healthcare:

  • Hassle-free hospital wayfinding

Hospital wayfinding solutions bring clarity to the floor plans of modern hospitals. Also, placing screens lets you combine the directions with other types of content. Show that you care about the visitor’s comfort by having an easy-to-understand wayfinding in place.

  • Queue management

Nobody likes waiting. You can drastically reduce waiting times by introducing a digital screen-powered line management system. With a screen-facilitated system, the whole thing will be organized and each person will know exactly when to come.

  • Creating an uplifting ambiance

Use content to cheer up your visitors, show calming videos, broadcast interesting facts, and motivate healthcare workers by recognizing their wins. It’s an excellent way to show your humane side as a healthcare institution.

  • Clear communication

Share important alerts in seconds, update patients on the latest developments, react to emergencies, and constantly remind both the visitors and the staff about the social distancing rules.

  • State-of-the-art promotion

Create an in-house advertising network, promote your hospital products and services, and make the screens work to boost your institution’s revenue.

  • Branding and donor recognition

Healthcare digital signage is perfect for brand promotion and donor recognition. Screens boast a powerful visual potential that you can use to show awesome content that matters.

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