Gym Digital Signage

If you’re looking for new ways to take your gym to the new business heights, gym digital signage is a great tool to implement! With almost unlimited capabilities of showing content, the screens will amaze your customers and keep them coming back (and spending more too). Digital signage in gyms brings more engagement, quickly captures attention and has the necessary potential to entertain non-stop. Fitness center digital signage is a reliable and easy-to-use technology that effortlessly takes your marketing efforts to the new, more exciting dimensions and saves you money on static ads and leaflets.

gym digital signage


Upgrade the lobby experience

Use screens to show important information, promote special offers, run motivational content, ask for feedback. Fitness center's digital signage will make sure that new and existing customers are constantly engaged and satisfied.

Sell more and target more effectively

State-of-art content delivery will guarantee a boost in sales and flexibility of screens will target the right audience at the right time. You can easily adapt what you’re showing and experiment with different ways of content delivery.

Entertain and motivate better

Make a customer experience better by using gym digital signage to show motivational videos, run nutritional recommendations, update your clients on important events. Show that you care and nurture trust with the help of the screens.

Cut unnecessary costs and save money

Forget about the costly printed materials, static signs, leaflets and flyers. Digital signage technology will save money for your gym that you can invest in other places and grow your business.

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Digital signage for gyms

Digital signage for gyms is a wonderful technological tool that boosts the customer experience and provides a myriad of selling opportunities for gyms themselves. Make the workout space more modern and attractive with screens. By using digital signage for fitness centers your content delivery gets seriously ripped. Use displays to motivate, entertain, and promote. Get the best of the world of technology with Kitcast.

Ideas for gym digital signage:

  • Irresistible lobby

The lobby is the starting point for the customer journey, so make sure that the first impression is great. Install a shiny video wall showing inspiring brand-related content, deploy smaller screens to broadcast the promotions, and highlight the new products at your bar.

  • Engage smartly

Give people a motivation boost and show entertaining content in your workout room. You can use screens to broadcast educational videos and training recommendations, show endorsements, run funny clips, and experiment with different formats.

  • Digital menus at the bar

If your gym has a snack bar or a cafeteria, digital signage can completely transform the ordering experience. Announce special offers, promote certain items from the menu, inform about the product benefits, and deploy a contactless ordering system to eliminate queues. Screens are there to help make the customer experience better and quicker.

  • Use social media to full force

Digital signage is a perfect tool for engagement. You have a chance to effectively boost your social media following by asking customers to check out your profiles, running special competitions, and introducing hashtags to nurture user-generated content.

  • Promote efficiently

Whether it’s a membership offer, a personal training session, or a special yoga class, you can use the screens to let the visitors know and book the events and things you’re offering.

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