Education Digital Signage

Use digital signage systems to create an effective and cost-efficient network across the college and university campuses, schools and dormitories of all kinds. Easily manage it centrally through a web-based dashboard: anything from concert announcements to motivation programs. Keep your students and employees informed with urgent and time-sensitive updates.

digital signage for education


Increase engagement across the campuses

Use digital signage for education as a versatile visual tool: eye-catching images, live social media feeds and any special content for schools.

Convey any message instantly

From event spotlighting to effortless directions/maps – keep university, high school and college staff updated with all of the important and relevant information.

Forget about intricate solutions and apps

Control your whole network with one app on any scale and any number of locations.

Cut your costs significantly

Get rid of leaflets, expensive message boards, and outdated paper-based solutions implementing education digital signage.

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Digital signage for education opens up an exciting world of possibilities. Screens allow institutions to transform the way engagement is done for the better, change the system from within, and bring a more contemporary, more visual tool to the table.

For universities, it means having a state-of-the-art communication tool. For students, it’s all about an up-to-date means of interaction they are familiar with. Use the power of digital technology to enhance learning, engage better, and win attention.

Ideas for the best digital signage for education:

  • Better wayfinding

With digital signage for universities, you can organize an intuitive wayfinding system. Use screens as the guiding points, deploy interactive maps, and make them engaging.

  • Dissemination of important information

You can use the same screens to broadcast news, promote events, and show live feeds of campus-related information.

  • Upgraded messaging

Displays make messaging effortless and, what’s important, paperless. Whatever message you’ve got, you can deliver it within a matter of seconds on all the screens that are part of your ecosystem.

  • Classroom transformation

Bridge online and offline in the classroom and use screens to effectively organize the educational process that puts the digital medium first.

  • Digitalized cafeteria

With digital instead of regular paper menus, you’re literally taking your dining spot to the next level when it comes to selling and advertising products.

  • Recognition

Celebrate the successes of your students and staff. Use displays to do just that. Broadcast inspirational content and make sure that the positive news is always seen and appreciated.

  • Be in constant contact with the students

Gather feedback, organize social media competitions, and talk to students through the screens. It’s a great way to provide a better student experience.

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