Digital Signage for Cannabis Business

Implement digital signage for cannabis business to take your store to the next level. Drive engagement and win customer attention through the use of beautiful screen technology. Increase sales by showing sparkling content to the right audience at a right time. Digital signage can help you to stand out from the tight competition on the marijuana market.

cannabis digital signage


Create an immersive experience

Use digital signage to show marijuana-themed content, inform your customers about the benefits of the products, show entertaining and educational videos. Create a distinct vibe at your store that will make people come back for more.

Smoother purchase with digital menus

Implement the screen menu boards to improve the customer experience and make the whole process easier and more pleasant. Use displays to promote your products, inform about promotions, highlight special propositions.

Cut your costs significantly

Save money on paper-based solutions and forget about stressful printing. Run advertising campaigns using screens without spending budget on leaflets and expensive boards.

Improve your brand popularity

Run eye-catching content to promote your cannabis business and nurture customer loyalty, popularize your social media accounts, gather feedback from the customers.

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Cannabis digital signage

Turning to digital signage means stepping into the future of retail. You’re getting a reliable and versatile technology that evolves with your business and doesn’t require previous IT knowledge or having to deal with hardware and wires. Cloud-based signage solutions like Kitcast allow you to start showing amazing content right away. Digital signage in cannabis dispensaries is truly a match made in heaven between beautiful technology and forward-thinking retail.

Ideas for cannabis digital signage:

  • Sell better with cannabis digital menus

Kitcast is the best tool to create digital menu boards for cannabis. You can use the built-in templates to create a customized menu. This will improve the browsing experience at your dispensary and will allow you to interact better with a customer.

  • Upgrade your counter

Increase engagement and drive more sales by adding the screen technology to your counter. Make it an irresistible spot that your customers will appreciate. Use Kitcast to bring a digital edge to the cannabis shopping experience.

  • Elevate branding

Cannabis digital signage helps you to promote your brand better. Use screens to send your brand message through. Show information that matters and broadcast the visuals that make your place stand out.

  • Immersive browsing

Give your customers a truly immersive experience by adding a digital component to the browsing. Install smaller screens next to the products you sell and use them to give information about the origins and production. Make a visit to your dispensary a thrilling ride for a customer.

  • Level up social media

You can use cannabis digital signage to effectively promote your social media channels, run various contests, and ask people to post new content using your location and special hashtag. The flexibility and power of the screens will make the social media growth process feel easy and natural.

The user interface is very well laid out, it's very well explained and essentially easy to use. If I were to define Kitcast in three words I would use: simple, reliable, and elegant.

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There were several other products, but none of them had the right combination of features that I needed. And Kitcast did.

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