Car Dealership Digital Signage

Integrate Kitcast’s car dealership digital signage to enhance customers’ experience and improve your marketing communication. Offer additional services and visual augmentation with engaging and appealing digital signage content through screens. Keep your customers informed and entertained.

car dealership digital signage


Improve your car dealership centers’ popularity

Create eye-catching content with vivid images, stun your customers with hi-tech visual solutions. Installing car dealer digital signage allows communicating with customers on multiple levels, both entertaining them, marketing to them and interacting with them.

Increase the customer’s engagement

Turn every step of your customer’s journey into an immersive and valuable experience. Suggest discounts and special offers with vivid images, make literally everything interactive, use auto dealer digital signage as a marketing art! With Kitcast, the sky is the limit.

Visually inform your visitors

Install signs, displays across your dealership center with the FAQ, wayfinding and interactive feedback forms. Provide them with valuable and relevant information like car updates, info and important industry events. Your digital signage can become a helping hand your visitors will appreciate.

Cut your costs significantly

Forget about leaflets, expensive message boards, and outdated paper-based promotions. Kitcast solutions will save your budget while enlarging your marketing toolkit.

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Digital signage for car dealerships is a great way to take your marketing to new heights. It opens a whole world of content opportunities that work for the best of your business.

This industry gives you many chances to produce great content. Use it to full force with the help of displays. Make car dealership digital signage work for you and give your customers a fresh perspective. Amaze and entertain them. Make it all about the engagement.

Change static specifications boards to digital ones, place a screen next to every car to show it in action, and use the video walls to show the reviews from previous customers.

Utilize screens to the benefit of your store, and make technology enhance the experience. It may be that magical extra mile leading to closed deals. Car dealership digital signage is a quite flexible solution too that can become a fundamental element in pre-sale car advertising. Install a few displays in your store and boost your sales. With Kitcast you will be able to easily design content, use our state-of-the-art templates, and be on the verge of the digital signage technology.

Here are the best ideas for car dealer digital signage:

  • Promotional photos and videos motivating customers to make a purchase
  • Car-related footage showing the vehicles in action and highlighting strong sides
  • Branding visuals to create a special atmosphere at the car dealership store
  • Interactive feedback gathering
  • User-generated content calls, competitions, and special customer engagement contests
  • Informational boards about the car specifications
  • Stunning video walls
  • Real-life updates like news, weather, and social media feeds
  • Promotional photos and videos motivating customers to make a purchase

You can combine those types, employ one or every single one, and experiment with formats.

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