Airport Digital Signage

Integrate Kitcast digital signage solutions into your airport infrastructure to enhance passengers’ experience and improve your communication. Minimize time-sensitive issues. Increase the duty-free mall’s visiting time by promoting additional services and products with engaging and appealing digital signage content through screens. Keep your passengers informed and entertained.

airport digital signage


Visually inform your passengers

Install digital signage for the airport, integrate displays into lobbies, restrooms, passport control. Use the wayfinding signage, FAQ and interactive chatbots. Provide passengers with valuable and relevant information like live flight times and updates, arrivals and departures, news, advice, and parking info.

Improve your airport’s popularity and passengers’ loyalty

Create eye-catching content with vivid images, social media feeds, reviews and customer-oriented content using airport digital signage for outdoor spaces, lobby, and shopping area.

Cut your costs significantly

Forget about leaflets, expensive message boards, and outdated paper-based promotions. Kitcast digital signage for airports will save your budget.

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Airport digital signage solutions can make it easier to organize the flow of people, sell products, improve the customer experience, and introduce new creative ways to market.

With digital signage, the airport becomes a futuristic space that will please both advertisers and visitors.

Ways you can use airport digital signage:

  • Terminal navigation and wayfinding

Airport digital signage can help you make wayfinding more interactive and simple. A few displays with a touchscreen feature and an interactive map will work like a charm for guiding people around the terminal.

  • Dissemination of essential information

Screens can provide information about the flight departure time and gate, delayed flights, weather conditions, current time, and airline data.

  • Security

The displays can be used at airport security to make the screening process less stressful and quicker. You can show guiding videos, reduce anxiety with clear instructions, and provide guidance.

  • Video walls

There are different types of video walls you can go with. It can be either composed of many screens or exist as one big customized screen. You can also go creative with the shapes of such a video wall. They boost engagement and bring the “wow” factor to the airport experience.

  • Advertising and promotions

Create a wide advertising network and start earning more with the power of the screens. Airport digital signage systems allow you to create an all-in-one network of advertising screens that will be an easy sell for any company that wants to promote.

  • Internal communications

Installing separate displays in departments that regularly contact each other regarding work-related issues will increase the productivity of your staff. They’ll be able to send work requests and inquiries through the display with a touch screen feature and save time on unnecessary calls.

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