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The ultimate digital signage solution for your enterprise needs.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO simplifies login management, reduces helpdesk calls, enhances security, and aids compliance.

Zero Touch Setup

Simplify device setup with our zero-touch option - download the Kitcast app or automate MDM enrollment with Apple's DEP, no box-opening required

Activity log 

Take control and optimize your digital signage strategy with our activity log feature, tracking all dashboard changes for increased visibility and flexibility.

Dedicated Support Channel

Kitcast provides dedicated support with regular check-ins from your Enterprise Customer Success Manager, and access to our Premium Support channel to ensure your needs are always met.

Kitcast API.
Custom integrations. Web pages.

Custom integrations and web pages made easy. Display your web data and dashboards securely from any application with our fully encrypted solution.

Local hosting

Host your digital signage in local server mode, allowing you to keep all your media on your local network. Whether you own a private network with a few displays or an enterprise-class network with thousands of displays, Kitcast got you covered.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Never worry about media file size. Enjoy unlimited cloud storage for all your digital signage needs.

“With Anykey, we focus on providing powerful but easy-to-use solutions. Most signage solutions on the market are just way too complex to use and integrate. With Kitcast, our customers succeed in communicating with their audience in an efficient and appealing way.”
tobias testimonial about Kitcast

Tobias Linder

CTO Anykey

Build the broadcast system that works for you with Kitcast digital signage software

Enjoy a free trial, no credit card needed.
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