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Who we are

We are Kitcast!

We create innovative digital signage solutions using the latest technologies and AI to help people and businesses connect effortlessly.

What we do

Where tech meets touch, we create digital signage that transforms and impacts lives.

Our technology works seamlessly with humans, delivering meaningful and impactful experiences.

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Our Mission

Focus on people

In today's dynamic business environment, companies are transforming how they operate. They're empowering teams, enhancing customer communication with screens, automating workflows, and operating on a global scale. They're revolutionizing content management and creation, breaking away from outdated methods.

However, while content management and creation have advanced, digital signage software hasn't kept up. Forward-thinking businesses are acting more like agile startups, yet digital signage solutions still fall short.

We are changing that. We’re building a groundbreaking solution to integrate the digital signage and software that businesses need. As they build the future, we provide the tools to manage and create content to help teams and people scale smarter, and reach their full potential.